XenceLabs vs. Wacom - There is a clear winner

XenceLabs vs. Wacom – There is a clear winner

The graphics tablet scene has been hit hard with a bunch of tablets released before XenceLabs. Founded in 2019, XenceLabs is mainly made up of former Wacom employees. According to them, they got stuck in a rut and crashed into brick walls erected by senior management when they were in Wacom. The designers, developers, and engineers couldn’t break through this brick wall and decided to go ahead and let XenceLabs break free from the company’s shackles. Of course, I wasn’t really there, so I can’t say for sure, but that’s the narrative they share.

XenceLabs currently offers us a small handful of tablets: average SEThe Averageand the young. The sleek design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also gives us a comfortable and comfortable pen experience and feels like an excellent product, especially in the Nebula White colour. Wacom offers similar devices. To be honest, they were showing it first. The sample range includes Wacom IntuosAnd the Wacom Intuos ProAnd the Wacom Cintiq Pro. Different price range for different uses and designs.

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Using XenceLabs tablets feels better than any other graphic tablet I’ve used, which makes a huge difference. When using my pen on a tablet, I want it to feel smooth while still retaining some resistance as if I were feeling on paper. XenceLabs has achieved this. With so many tablets from other brands, I find myself stopping here and there as a result of some hunger. Inconsistent feeling on the surface of the tablet or an imbalance in the smoothness of the contact. Within six months of using the XenceLabs Medium tablet, I haven’t had a single problem with any of these things.

Frequent and constant use of a graphic tablet can cause a little bit of wrist discomfort, but XenceLabs has included a 6.5-degree curved palm rest that’s 5mm thick, making it very comfortable to use.

I often say when reviewing things that if you haven’t noticed something, then the manufacturer has got it right. I haven’t seen anything with XenceLabs, so they got it right. Connectivity, which makes up the second part of its smoothness of use, comes from Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Bluetooth 5 offers more stability and security compared to the Bluetooth 4.1 connection used by Wacom. This is done through a USB dongle.

I initially had concerns about the battery life of the XenceLabs Wireless Tablet, which I inherited from the less-than-ideal battery life of the Wacom wireless tablets I’ve owned. I often find myself wanting to use a Wacom tablet, but was disappointed that it had no available battery. I have not had this problem with XenceLabs. The battery on the XenceLabs Medium tablet easily lasts for 16 hours, and it only takes two hours to fully charge it.


the pen

Looking at the pen in particular, XenceLabs is simply more comfortable to use. The pen has three customizable buttons and a soft-touch silicone grip, weighing 17 grams. Diving into the technicalities behind it, we have a ±60° tilt range for the stylus and 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity. For perspective, that’s twice the pressure levels as the Wacom Pen with Intuos.

quick keys

XenceLabs Quick Keys come with the Medium package or as an add-on, and they make things seamless. The keys are customizable, and their function changes based on your driver. They create an excellent interface, and the OLED display displays the function of each key, with up to 40 programmable functions per application. Charging takes 1.5 hours for up to 53 hours of use. The quick keyboard does not replace buttons. adds them. There are three buttons on the pen and three buttons on the tablet itself, and they are all customizable.


Price is a major concern to all of us, and XenceLabs is leading that approach as well. The XenceLabs Medium Comes at about the same price as (almost) Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. But it does include the hotkeys, a pen, a few spare niches, two cases, and a few bits.

XenceLabs is a young company, but it is made up of people who really know what they are doing, and create the perfect equipment for professionals and creatives. I’ve switched from Wacom to XenceLabs, and I’m not the only one. This is what Glenn Dewes He should say about her:-

For full disclosure and to help when I say “I’ve used Wacom”, here are the Wacom tablets I own:-

I am comparing my experience with these XenceLabs products:-


The result for me was a great win for XenceLabs. I love the people behind the brand – the leading engineers with expertise in industrial design, animation, visual effects and illustration. The result is an intuitive product that focuses on creativity and does its job well. I’ve owned quite a few Wacom tablets, had trouble with all of them and decided to upgrade. With XenceLabs I had very few issues. I can’t wait to see what their next step is.

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