Veterans find shape, ugly villain streak

Veterans find shape, ugly villain streak

You don’t often see a nicer loss than a win in our player ratings – but the Wallabies’ heartbreaking loss by one point to France, despite causing more frustration than appreciation in the aftermath, seems to be one of those times.

11 of 17 Wallabies who retained their places on the team improved on their points from the win over Scotland – and among the few to come back, Matt Gibbon and Hunter Paisami had an excuse to start playing off the bench.

The biggest improvement came from a pair of veterans who have found themselves slipping outward in recent months. Starting with his Spring Tour debut Wallabies, Nic White turned back the clock with a stellar show at 9, while Taniela Tupou battled his way out of a bad streak from the last level and climbed in a big way with Allan Alatawa NA.

Interestingly, while no one could match Nick Frost against the Scots and an average of above 7 in the player ratings, 13 players had a score of 6 or higher compared to just eight at Murrayfield. While no one really shines, it’s the kind of team effort that should put the Wallabies in good standing for the rest of their European adventure.

At the other end of the spectrum, Folau Fainga’a paid dearly for poor performances in the line, including a crucial twisting throw late in the piece. His average didn’t hit 4, making it the lowest score for Wallaby in the Fall States so far.

Wallabies player ratings from France’s loss

1 – James Slipper (c)
Average score: 6.66
Most Popular Rating: 7 (36.5%)

2. Dave Borecki
Average score: 6.24
Most Popular Rating: 6 (36.6%)

3. Taniela Topo
Average score: 6.95
Most Popular Rating: 7 (39%)

4. Nick Frost
Average score: 6.95
Most Popular Rating: 7 (38.3%)

5. Kaderen Neville
Average score: 6.26
Most Popular Rating: 6 (38.8%)

6. Good Holloway
Average score: 6.3
Most Popular Rating: 7 (31.3%)

7. Michael Hooper
Average score: 6.07
Most Popular Rating: 6 (30.1%)

8. Rob Valetini
Average score: 6.51
Most Popular Rating: 7 (30.1%)

9. Nick White
Average score: 6.96
Most Popular Rating: 7 (30.6%)

10. Bernard Foley
Average score: 4.95
Most Popular Rating: 5 (25.8%)

11. Tom Wright
Average score: 5.81
Most Popular Rating: 6 (30.9%)

12- Lalakai Fukti
Average score: 6.69
Most Popular Rating: 7 (36.6%)

13. Lin Ikitao
Average score: 6.97
Most Popular Rating: 7 (38.7%)

14. Andrew Killaway
Average score: 5.96
Most Popular Rating: 6 (36.1%)

15. Jock Campbell
Average score: 6.7
Most Popular Rating: 7 (32%)


16. Folau Fainga’a (continued at minute 52)
Average score: 3.98
Most Popular Rating: 4 (27.1%)

17. Matt Gibbon (continued at 77th minute)
Average score: 4.58
Most Popular Rating: 5 (48%)

18. Tom Robertson (continued at minute 70)
Average score: 4.59
Most Popular Rating: 5 (44.3%)

19. Will Skelton (continued at minute 53)
Average score: 6.32
Most Popular Rating: 6 (33.2%)

20. Sammo’s House (continued at minute 70)
Average score: 5.63
Most Popular Rating: 5 (36.3%)

21. Jake Gordon (continued at minute 60)
Average score: 4.78
Most Popular Rating: 5 (28.7%)

22. Hunter Bisame (continued at minute 24)
Average score: 5.38
Most Popular Rating: 6 (32.8%)

23. Reese Hodge (continued at 71st minute)
Average score: 4.3
Most Popular Rating: 5 (30.9%)

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