Trimble and HP collaborate to explore the use of robotic technology for autonomous interior construction planning

Trimble and HP collaborate to explore the use of robotic technology for autonomous interior construction planning

Las vigasAnd the November 7 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMBand HP to integrate Trimble’s latest robotic total station with HP’s new SitePrint automated planning solution. The solution focuses on transforming the planning process for internal construction projects.

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The construction industry faces a variety of challenges including a shortage of skilled and productive labor. HP and Trimble can address these challenges with the integration of HP SitePrint and the recently introduced Trimble® Ri total station. The integrated solution can provide an independent planning workflow that enables business efficiency and productivity, while delivering layouts faster than traditional approaches. By increasing the work of contractors, SitePrint can avoid obstacles and print complex fonts and objects with pinpoint accuracy and consistent repeatability. In addition, text printing capabilities deliver additional data from the digital form to the construction site to prevent errors.

Using optical technology, the precise positioning and navigation of the HP SitePrint robot is powered by the Trimble Ri Total Station. Equipped with automatic level detection, self-calibration, and advanced Trimble VISION™ tracking technology, Trimble Ri enables the HP SitePrint robot to achieve highly accurate and independent internal mapping work.

“The integration of Trimble Ri and HP SitePrint can transform the planning process on complex construction sites with extreme precision, in a fraction of the time,” he said. Aviad Almajor, vice president of technology innovation, Trimble. “This is an opportunity for design contractors to improve accuracy and productivity and tackle more projects with the same team size.”

“Technology adoption and increased digitization can help construction companies close this productivity gap,” said Daniel Martinez, Vice President and General Manager, HP Large Format Printing. “HP has played a key role in connecting the digital and physical worlds with print solutions for architects and engineers for the past 30 years. With the integration of HP SitePrint and Trimble Ri, we can make it easier than ever for planning professionals to bring an idea to life on site, with Enabling the further digitization of the construction industry as a whole.”

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