Tracks: AIM 2022 Special Award |  Features

Tracks: AIM 2022 Special Award | Features

This week, the 2022 edition of AIIM Awards It will take place, and after a few years more necessarily low-key, this time they will bring back all the flaming guns with a huge show in London’s Roundhouse.

In addition to featuring performances from the likes of The Libertines and Lethal Bizzle – yes, we bet you never expected those two names in the same sentence – this year’s AIM Awards will once again highlight some of the amazing independent names in music. From Rina Sawayama and Stormzy—both of which have been confirmed to have won special awards—to the likes of Mitski, Fontaines DC, and Wet Leg, there are plenty of great works on the shortlist this year.

And so, in order to help celebrate properly, we’ve dived into the DIY archives to explore some of the best and biggest hits to come from this year’s selection of nominees. what are you waiting for? Simply scroll down to relive the memories of the past year with us…

How did the Wet Leg somehow manage to channel the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in their wide eyes despite coming from a place (the Isle of Wight) virtually separated from the nearest bustling city by a real ocean we’ll never know, yet ‘too late’ now ‘do exactly. Glittering to life above singer Ryan Tisdale’s sweet and simple voice, he drops a bit of speech that capitalizes on the talent of legs for one line (“I don’t need a dating app to tell me if I look like crap/To tell me if I’m skinny or fat, to tell me should I shave my rat” ‘) before crashing into a Violent Femmes-y finale that’s hilarious and hilarious in a way that’s increasingly becoming her signature. Looks like they named it again. (Lisa Wright)

Wet Leg has been nominated for a UK Independent Breakthrough Award with YouTube Music, Best Independent Track with Meta, and a PPL Award for Best New Independent Artist to play.

While also having the fun and sassy nature that the album releases don’t quite provide, Caprisongs’ January single also showcased a hard side to FKA’s twigs: moments that were unabashedly meant to put them firmly in the pop world. The Killer movie, written alongside well-known hit makers Jimmy Napes and Amanda Ghost, continues this. The song sees the single vocal color palette of twigs placed around an instant chorus designed for radio: pop glamor, without losing any of its artistic identity. (Bella Martin)

FKA twigs are nominated for Best Standalone Video by VEVOAnd the Best independent track in association with MetaAnd the Best Independent EP/Mixtape.

Walt Disco – How cool are you?

Centered on a hilarious lyrical ballad that has more than a hint from Bugsy Malones to her “la la la” songs, this track from the Glaswegian sextet Walt Disco is as wonderfully unpredictable as we’ve come to expect from the group. The icy ’80s moves and operatic vocal movements are there and true, but musically – getting into LP ‘Unlearning’ for the first time – they try all kinds of new tricks. A piano’s Viennese waltz dances somewhere in the background, flowery soaring sounds of vocals and exaggerated guitar notes sway at random intervals, and everything feels uprooted from a wonderful fever dream. How cool are they? Very, as we already knew. (Lisa Wright)

Walt Disco was nominated for Best Independent Album with Spotify.

The Nova Twins perform as punk rock anthems as any other band, and in the lead-up to their second album, “Supernova,” they were in an explosive state. With empowering women at the center of their mission, the idea of ​​them writing a very sexy sex positive seems incredibly appropriate, and they slip into their sexy side effortlessly. “Candy man with the big band, give a girl a bone / I don’t want you to love me, you just need to make me moan,” lead Amy Love roars out loud with a R’n’B effect. If the quality of this and the individuals who came before it were still OK, then the ‘Supernova’ would be very exciting. (Emma Wilkes)

Nova Twins was nominated for British independent hack in collaboration with YouTube MusicAnd the Best independent track in association with Meta.

Dave a job. Storm – clash

Dave’s announcement of his second album with a Stormzy feature is already fluid, but “Clash” is full of it: not least the video centered around the Aston Martin plant (“Dave got a new Aston Martin plug, can you have one?” He said, “No need to And for every outright splurge (“My AP cost thirty-one, millimeter: forty-one,” “a crocodile bag, I bought one for her”) there’s a clever pop culture reference (“Out of set, they smash like sidewalks,” I Bebe, I have the flair,” “Stay away from killing, that’s killing Viola Davis.” (Luisa Dixon)

Dave was nominated for Best independent track in association with MetaAnd the Best Independent Album with Spotify.

Nilufer Yanya – stability

Nilüfer Yanya “stabilize”, the first preview of the second album “PAINLESS”, sees her sing about the claustrophobia of living in a city, where “nothing beats a high-rise”. That sense of inescapable gray perfectly conveys through tense and choppy instruments, with guitars and drums intertwined in Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” style as Yanya sings so intensely like we’ve never heard of her before. However, the genius of ‘stability’ lies in how it transcends its cramped conditions and becomes a joyous escape high up, as if flying high over buildings and far away. (Will Richards)

Nilufer Yanya filter Best Independent Album with SpotifyAnd the Better [Difficult] Second album with BBC6 Music.

Fountain DC – Couple across the road

‘The Couple Across The Way’ is a strange and reflective song written by Grian Chatten about a warring elderly couple who lived across the street from his small apartment in North London. In the song, written only in Chatten’s voice and accordion, he reflects on relationships and the passing of time with honesty and beautiful thought, and its latest music video adds more context to the fascinating tale. (Will Richards)

Fontaines DC was nominated for Best Creative Campaign in Collaboration with Able.

Mitsky – the only heartbreak

While Mitsuki’s “Working for the Knife”—the first run from her Laurel Hell album—was more interesting, turning into a powerful escalation, in “The Only Heartbreaker” things feel a little more. a point. Synthess blossoms into ’80s style life from the get-go, while the track’s lyrics sound straightforward and elaborate: “If you’re going to make one mistake/What a relief/But I think as long as we’re together/I’ll ​​be the only heartbreaker.” An honest but powerful reminder that things are not always what they seem. (Sarah Jamison)

Mitski was nominated for Best Live Performance, International Breakthrough with Deezer, and Best Creative Campaign with Able.

Amyl and the Sniffers – Guided by angels

As with anything else, discussing bands is a matter of context, and so while Amyl and the Sniffers’ comeback track is – for them – a slightly more subtle affair, that doesn’t mean singer Amy Taylor looks anything less than a feral cat trying Punch its way out of the cage. However, there is something more polished to the guitars stabbing throughout ‘Guided By Angels’, the raucous, closet-recorded sensation of early Sniffs material with an injection of cash likely. It suits them though, allowing Amy’s zealous “I’ve got a lot of energy” (nothing, Sherlock) rant to sound even more passionate in a stronger setting. (Lisa Wright)

Amyl and the Sniffers nominated for International breakthrough in collaboration with Deezer.

Rina Swayama – “Holy (so let me go)”

“Holy (Til You Let Me Go)”, a highlight of Rina Sawayama’s new album “Hold The Girl,” was presented in demo form for a number of producers, with the floor opening for the track in either direction. The Producer version she chose was taken from For Those I Love, which adds a distinctive, high-pitched sound to the club’s anthem. It’s one of many examples of Rina’s new record as she gleefully dips into every corner of the pop scene with the help of some of the best around. (Will Richards)

Rina Swayama won the AIM Award for Created in collaboration with Amazon Music.

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