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One of the biggest movies released this year was a sequel that lived up to the hype. Top Gun: Maverick It blew up the box office and is sure to be a Halloween favorite this year.

the first Better Follow the best fighter pilots in the Navy as they fight for the number one title. ignited a wave of pilots Sunglasses and outgoing people in big circles, plus a shirtless game of beach volleyball. Maverick returns to all high-speed drama and features a returning performance by Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer.

Do you want to feel the need for speed? Do you want to experience what it feels like to be one of the best ever? Then you need one of these outfits!

Better Fans can guide the Maverick inside of them with a variety of different special costumesFrom flight suits for suicide vests. Whether you’re looking for something to wear to your Halloween party or just want to show your love for the iconic movie, we’ve got you covered.

So take your pick and let us help you realize your Hollywood dreams – even if it’s just for one night.

what to buy

J + S Premium Aviator Sunglasses

Military style sunglasses
These classic military-style tires are a Top Gun-inspired staple. (Source: Amazon)

Tom Cruise Maverick’s role is so creative that you can only get by Sunglasses And people will continue to get what you seek. Aviator tires aren’t just a cool costume, though. It is one of the most seduction patterns About sunglassesso you can wear it even after Halloween has passed.

These stylish shades are perfect for both men and women and feature a polarized lens that offers 100% UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays. In addition, the frame is made of durable materials that are designed to withstand whatever activities you plan to do in it.

Dickies Cotton Coat

long sleeve coat
This long-sleeved jumpsuit will add a distinctive look from Top Gun. (Source: Amazon)

You can’t jump out of a fighter plane and not wear this military green suit. It looks just like the flight suits from both movies and it’s super easy adjust or adapt With iron patches and stickers. In addition, Dickies brand clothing is known to be so durable that you can wear it when the Top Gun 3 comes out.

This jumpsuit is made from a twill material that is lightweight and breathable, yet sturdy enough to stand up to being worn over and over again. It features a classic collar, two chest pockets and a front button closure. The long sleeves can be rolled up and held in place with a button closure.

SSLR Hawaiian Flamingo Shirt

flamingo shirt
Wear the Flamingo Hawaiian Shirt to show off your impeccable taste. (Source: Amazon)

Gus Bradshaw may be gone (Rest in Peace), but his son Roster lives in Maverick, courtesy of Miles Teller. Bradshaw guys love them Hawaiian shirtsThis works as an honest ’80s look or a reboot-style homage. You can choose from more than 20 color options for your complete personalization Clothes.

Made of high-quality materials, this shirt is designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and breathability, so you stay cool and comfortable while wearing it. The vibrant flamingo print is a Maverick classic, and the classic button-down design ensures a great fit.

Women’s black leather jacket

black leather jacket
You’ll end up wanting to wear this piece of leather long after Halloween. (Source: Amazon)

Who doesn’t want get dressed Like Charlie Blackwood? The flight instructor and the love interest that Kelly McGillis brings is as much a part of magic as the planes are. this is motorcycle jacket It matches the one she wore at the bar where she first met Maverick. It is made of cruelty-free faux leather.

This faux leather features an asymmetric front zip and several zip pockets. It’s also incredibly well made, with a durable construction that will keep you warm and protected even on cold days. The soft lining ensures you’ll be comfortable all day long, while the two-way zip closure ensures a perfect fit. And because they’re available in plus sizes, you can be sure to find what fits your body type.

Kids Champion canvas sneakers

Kids canvas sneakers
These comfortable Keds will complement your look and add to your footwear year-round. (Source: Amazon)

Jennifer Connelly in the 80’s icon All alone. Her role as Maverick as Benny Benjamin is sure to inspire more than one Halloween costume this year. Catch her style with these sport shoes. White Keds are a signature piece from a brand that has been around for over a hundred years.

With its classic design and go-to-everything aesthetic, this sneaker is a must for this outfit and in your regular footwear rotation. A breathable canvas upper keeps your feet comfortable, while a rubber outsole provides traction and durability. In addition, the design makes it easy to put on and take off.

While we may not all be able to live up to the level of awesomeness that Tom Cruise is, we can all dress up like him for Halloween. If you’re looking for a snug fit themed Top Gun, we’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup of the best Top Gun special costumes Available on amazon. So whether you want to be a Maverick, Nut, Snowman, or even just a general fighter pilot, there is a costume for you. And don’t forget to shop early – these popular costumes are sure to sell out fast!

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