Create your own bags in a virtual showroom with the A.bell customizable women’s bag

The A.Bell DIY line of women’s handbags offers 72 different styles

Need a new wallet but can’t find the right one? Customize a handbag to your mood and aesthetic with the A.Bell Women’s Customizable Bag.

Make your own handbag when you go shopping A.Bell Women’s Customizable Bag. The line of DIY women’s handbags offers a virtual showroom and lets you choose from 4 bag designs, 3 types of buckles, 3 bag colors, and 3 buckle colors.

A.Bell Women’s Customizable Bag in Black

Launching fashion houses Beautiful purses Every season, but their creations may not always match your beauty or lifestyle. Have you ever found a bag that has plenty of room but straps that are too short? Maybe you liked the color of the bag, but the hardware was out of reach for you.

Well, with the customizable A.Bell women’s bag, you are no longer at the mercy of designers. This bag company allows you to make your own handbag in a range of styles and colors. A new concept of bag shopping, that allows you to have a bag made just for you.

A.Bell customizable product demo bag

Make your own handbag

Can’t find a bag you like? The founders of the A.Bell Women’s Customizable Bag hear you. More often than not, handbags do not meet the needs of their customers. Have you ever bought a bag whose inner compartment was too small to fit your daily essentials? Or maybe you bought a bag with a shiny design but didn’t like the buckle.

Now, you don’t have to be content with bags that don’t fit you. Just build your own designer handbag with this line of women’s handbags. You can use DIY hacks in your home to get the look you want. Now you can do the same for your handbag.

Create a customizable leather bag

When you choose a DIY women’s handbag, you get a ton of options, 72 of them, to be exact. There are 4 bag designs, 3 bag colors, 3 types of dot buckles, and 3 buckle colors. There are also 2-3 different types of belts.

Moreover, the leather is made from premium cowhide so you can expect a high quality finished product. And from a company with 12 years of experience in the bag industry, you can feel confident in the bag you make.

Make your bag in A.Bell’s virtual showroom

Impressively, you can create a customized bag at any time through A.Bell’s virtual showroom. It is always open and lets you try out different styles with just a click of your mouse.

Alternate between bag designs, buckles, and colors to create the look you want. Next, check out the overall design and components in 3D.

bell He says its showroom was created by AIVAR, a Metaverse Fashion platform that provides IT solutions to the fashion industry. Together, A.Bell and AIVAR hope to bring an immersive shopping experience to their customers.

It certainly worked! Who wouldn’t prefer creating their own bag during a descriptive, showroom-like experience than buying a ready-made bag online or buying one from a store? The meta experience has the potential to make shopping that much better.

Check out our three stylish bag styles

A.Bell gives you 3 bag styles to choose from — MEAVE, ELLA, AVA (black), and AVA (brown). Both MEAVE and ELLA models feature a strap and buckle in the middle of the bag for a more relaxed look. MEAVE uses a leaf-shaped square buckle, while ELLA has a classic square buckle.

A.Bell Customizable Women’s Bag in White and Gold

Next, AVA (black) and AVA (brown) are pretty bags for a sleek, streamlined look. They only have a decorative buckle at their waist, with no belt strap. The clasp of both bags is in the shape of an oversized letter A.

As for the buckle, you can choose from gold, nickel, or black nickel buckle colors, though the company highly recommends the gold color option.

Read about the skin

We mentioned earlier that this line of women’s handbags uses premium cowhide leather. But let’s take a closer look at this Premium materials. According to the company, its bags are made of high-quality Italian cowhide, with different types of leather for each color.

A.Bell Women’s Leather Customizable Bag

Premier Leather

Premier Leather comes from FAEDA, a traditional Italian tannery in operation since 1956. Using cowhide from North America, this leather has a soft feel.

opel skins

Ople Leather is naturally cured cowhide with a pattern created by applying heat and pressure. This style adds an elegant look and adds durability.

a. Details of the customizable Belle women’s bag

Chess skin

Chess leather is based on soft North American leather. This leather style is soft and smooth yet has superior strength.

Read our verdict on the A.Bell Women’s Customizable Bag

If you’ve been struggling to find a purse you like or if you love the idea of ​​a line of DIY women’s handbags, A.Bell Bags are worth supporting. They offer 72 possible styles, and you can see your 3D creation in the company’s virtual showroom.

Treat yourself to a bag that is uniquely yours by pre-ordering your own A.Bell Bag Kickstarter For $206.05 USD. What are your thoughts on a DIY women’s bag? Let us know!

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