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Still flying high | Daily Standard Stories

Saturday 17 September 2022

Flyers earn big Mac win over Cardinals

by Tom Haines

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Darren Mayer of Marion Local (24) runs through the hole as Flyers factor Jake Top (56) and Shane Fleck tackle New Bremen at Booster Stadium on Friday.

Maria Steen – For nearly a quarter of the year, New Bremen traded blows with Marion Lochal, but successive pilots quickly break the door.

Kyle Ooty scored for 22 yards to put Marion on the board late in the first half and Landon Arling’s interception sent Darren Meyer off an outside yard after just 12 seconds, and the Cardinal never recovered en route to Marion 38-16. Winning a crucial football match at the Midwest Athletic Football Conference at Booster Stadium on Friday.

“What should be left out is that we are not there yet,” New Bremen coach Chris Schmidt said. “We have room to grow and we need to grow. This group has some lofty goals and I’m good at achieving those lofty goals, but we really have to learn what it takes to achieve those goals. We’ve got to get better if we’re going to go where we want to go.”

After the Flyers drove 51 yards and deep into the New Bremen area (4-1, 2-1 Mac), the Cardinal’s defense tightened, with Ben Seller dealing with Ooty behind the line to force a fourth and 5. Ooty got the ball in a straight shot and rushed to the left on Wide range, as he survived two interventions a short distance from the line to earn and another break to find daylight on the left side line to score 24 seconds before the end.

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Marion Lochal’s Landon Arling faced off the line after intercepting the return of Hunter Schaefer from New Bremen (28) and David Homann at Boster Stadium on Friday.

After kickoff, New Bremen quarterback David Homan looked for running back Hunter Schaefer on a screen to the left and instead found Flyers linebacker Landon Arling, who ran back to intercept and rushed to the Cardinals 1. Darren Meyer got delivered and hit in the play Next, Marion leads 14-0 with 12 seconds left in the quarter.

“We had a few different things that we thought might work, but you never know,” Marion coach Tim Goodwin said of his defence. “We kept mixing it up.”

On the other side of the quarter break, Houmann ran to the left in a pass attempt, was avoided by a sack attempt by Jake Top, and hit two other flyers, who knocked out the ball. Top overcame the stumble to take Marion (5-0, 3-0 MAC) up at New Bremen 22.

Five games later, Mayer dived into the end zone for his second touchdown, and an offside penalty on the PAT re-converted Ooty from two points to two yards to make it 22-0.

“Marion’s defense is always difficult to constantly move the ball against, and that was the case tonight,” Schmidt said. “What you don’t want to do is turn the ball over that. Our defense is a good defense, but we put them on some tough spots tonight.”

New Bremen stopped Marion fourth and came back with an eight, 57-yard field goal for Schaefer’s 30-yard field goal, but the Flyers came back with their own field shot to maintain the margin at 22 points. in half.

The Cardinal had multiple chances of their own early on, starting with a fourth pick by Aaron Thiemann on the pilots’ first drive. Thiemann put the ball back into Marion’s area, but a penalty kick at the back put the ball back to the 35 Cardinals, where they went three times.

Drew Laws fumbled the ball in the Flyers’ next play of the melee and Hayden Zeller landed on it near the midfield, but the Cardinals only gained three yards and took a chase to net the Flyers’ first goal.

“We didn’t play well enough tonight to beat a team like Marion, and obviously a lot of credit goes to them,” Schmidt said. “For a good part of the game, they knocked us out and outdid us.”

New Bremen’s defense was tightened after the break, forcing three shots in the third quarter, and the offense got shocked into converting a mock kick on its first run. Hayden sent Zeller wobbly over center to Homann wide open near the mark, and Homann made his way down the field for 46 yards.

After three games, Houmann found Grant Deck to the right side of the end zone for a nine-yard touchdown pass, making it a two-point possession game even with the extra point handicap.

New Bremen went to get it fourth again at Marion 37, but Ryan Hoemann fell with an interception along the right sideline. The Cardinals nearly had a fourth turn down to start the fourth quarter when Aaron Thiemann found Ben Seller at the bottom of the field after a tricky pass, but the Cardinals were flagged for an ineligible man and chose to throw instead of trying again.

Marion took the reins and leaned heavily on Mayer, who led the Flyers on a 13-game trip that lasted nearly seven minutes. Meyer finished it off with an 11-yard sprint to land on all but game ice.

“I still think we have ways to go,” Goodwin said of the pilots’ attack. “We have some good players who can play. I think the key to our attack is how good our offensive line is, and they’ve definitely improved, but we have ways to go there.”

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

New Bremen players Aaron Thiemann (1) and David Homann deal with Marion Lochal, who plays behind Kyle Otti, at Booster Stadium on Friday.

David Homann drove the Cardinal down the field and cut into the lead with a 22-yard pass, but the kick to the side bounced off his hands and Utey recovered, and Mayer broke the line third down the 55-yard track.

Mayer finished 158 yards and four touchdowns on 27 cars.

“He’s just a bulldog,” said Goodwin. “It doesn’t say anything, it just works and it’s my body.”

Marion travels to state champion Versailles in the 2021 Division V next Friday, while New Bremen gets a chance to recover when it hosts Fort Recovery.

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