Solar Switch Reviews - Is the Solarswitch Smart Tower DIY Solar Panel Guide Legit?

Solar Switch Reviews – Is the Solarswitch Smart Tower DIY Solar Panel Guide Legit?

Today’s world depends entirely on electricity and energy. If the power goes out for a second, a huge loss can occur to the state. Therefore, companies are looking for alternative energy sources to eliminate this dependency and generate unlimited power without any interruption.

The Solar Switch is a power generation product created by Brian Kay. He made this product after he had a serious accident from a power outage, shooting, and robbery in his home. This incident left a severe impact on his mind. Therefore, he made a product to eliminate blackouts and rely on the government to provide electricity to people at higher costs.

This article provides in-depth details regarding the solar switch and its operation. Start exploring!

What is the key to solar energy?

Solar Switch is a product that provides a comprehensive program to convert your home into a solar powered system. It incorporates many important components, such as solar panels, wires, and many more, to generate energy from solar light.

How does a solar inverter work?

Solar Switch has the same power generation concept as other solar panels. All solar panels use the photovoltaic (PV) concept to convert light or solar energy into DC electricity.

Solar panels provide DC electricity, which is then stored in batteries. Moreover, the solar inverter converts DC into AC for home appliance use. Additionally, if you generate more energy than you use, you can send it to an energy center and earn credits from the government or you can store the energy in different batteries and devices.

Unique Features of Solar Inverter

Solar Switch has unique properties that can reduce your energy bill by 75%. This key has two very important advantages, the first of which is the ability to do it yourself. Use this software to create a solar energy system, place the PV modules and move them to an area constantly exposed to sunlight, resulting in increased energy production.

Solar Switch is a program that teaches you about three major modifications to your solar panel system and generates 200 percent more energy. Brian provided all the details of the modifications and equipment to be used in the operation.

Most types of equipment are available at home, or you can easily access it from the store. Furthermore, Brian provided all the details of the stores that provide international shipping for the equipment required to be used in retrofitting the solar panel systems.

Furthermore, the software has a 20-minute video tutorial that guides you completely through the process. You can access the basic and advanced modification plan of this program.

Moreover, Solar Switch provided alternative power to electricity at lower cost and effort. It guides you in arranging the solar panel system, it will take less than 2 hours to assemble it. Place the system in an area exposed to the sun for continuous power generation.

Why use a solar switch?

There’s a good chance you’re wondering why we need to install a solar switch. So, here is your answer. During the summer, most countries lack electricity, energy demand is high, and you cannot rely on electricity, the primary energy source in most countries.

Solar Switch is a solar powered system that converts sunlight into usable energy and can help you beat the electricity crisis. Therefore, Solar Switch is the best alternative to electricity.

Furthermore, the builder provided a step-by-step guide on assembling the solar panel system and where to find the assembly equipment. In addition to that, it also guides you where to place the system to get the most out of it.

Hence, it is a game changer and reduces the carbon footprint.


  • A game-changing alternative to typical electrics

  • Great source of energy

  • Reduce your carbon footprint

  • Saves you money on your electric bill

  • It enables you to generate power and sell it to power

  • Complete guide on system assembly

  • Tutorial video for placing an order

  • Complete online course


Consumer reviews

You may be wondering how past clients have interacted with this course. Is he working? Is the program worth spending money and time? The answer is yes. A large number of people have used this program to create their own alternative energy system. It also has a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. So, if you try it and it doesn’t work, you can return it and get your money back.

questions and answers

How do you place an order?

If you want to purchase the software, place an order on their official website. The price mentioned on the official website is $39. Always buy it from the official website instead of others to avoid scammers.

Many websites claim to offer Solar Switch at no cost, which could be a scam. Therefore, do not trust anyone except the official website of Solar Switch.

What are the main benefits of following the solar switch instructions?

Solar Switch helps you convert sunlight into usable energy, eliminating the need for electricity. You will no longer have to worry about power outages and outages. Moreover, the power supply is cheaper and does not cost you any bills at the end of the month. Additionally, if you generate more energy than you use, you can sell it to a government power center and earn income through it. Hence, the Solar Switch is well worth spending the money on.


Solar Switch is a program created by Brian Kay. It helps people convert sunlight into DC electricity, which can be converted into AC current through an inverter or stored in a battery for future use.

This program has helped many people so far and they are still breaking records. Moreover, it has made many homes generate energy themselves. In addition, this idea led to the reduction of electricity bills to 75% or less.

Solar Switch is available online on the official website, and you should buy it from the original website instead of falling into the trap of scammers. Furthermore, the creator provides a 60-day money-back guarantee if your product does not perform well.

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