Six reasons why robotics startups should attend RoboBusiness

Six reasons why robotics startups should attend RoboBusiness

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The RoboBusiness Conference and Exhibition, which runs from October 19-20 in Santa Clara, serves not only established robotics companies. This industry event features a large number of startups looking to make their mark on the world.

RoboBusiness provides a variety of opportunities for robotics startups to learn, communicate, and further expand their businesses. Here are 6 reasons why robotics startups should attend this event.

Startup Bootcamp

RoboBusiness Partnership with Mass Robotics In the startup camp that covers the key stages in the formation of a startup. Topics include legal formation, stock and patent options, diluted and undiluted investments, the path to manufacturing, best practices in accounting, bringing in marketing, sales, and human resources experts, as well as fundraising and exits. Learn more about the training program by View RoboBusiness Agenda.

Connect with investors

Leading investors in the robotics industry will be at RoboBusiness to discuss the current state of robotics investments and share ideas on how to attract funding as a robotics startup. Come rub your elbows with the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley.

The conference portion of RoboBusiness will also discuss investments. Marianna Saenko, Co-Founder and Partner at Future Ventures, will host a session titled “How to Attract Funding as an Early Stage Startup,” and RoboBusiness will host a keynote panel with top venture capitalists in the bot industry on the current state of bot investments.

Learn from world-class robotics groups

MassRobotics, Odense Robotics Cluster, Pittsburgh Robotics Network, and Silicon Valley Robotics – four of the world’s leading robotics groups – will be well represented at RoboBusiness. Connect with these industry leaders and learn how to help them scale your bot startup.

Earlier this year, the above three US-based robotics groups formed the United States Alliance of Robotics Groups (USARC). USARC supports the development, commercialization, and scaling of robotics for the global good by collaborating with government and industry stakeholders.

Discover the latest enabling technologies

More than 60 exhibitors It will showcase its enabling technologies, products, and services that can help you market your robotics system. The RoboBusiness Exploitation Technologies Conference track will provide a deep dive into sensing, machine learning, motion control, networking, and the latest design and development tools.

networking opportunities

RoboBusiness is more than just a robotics exhibition and conference – it’s an opportunity to meet industry peers across different markets. Making connections (and deals) with the bot community has been and always will be a huge part of RoboBusiness.

Robot startup competition

Often , Pitchfire by RoboBusiness The competition gives robotics startups a few minutes each to present their ideas before they are questioned by our expert jury. Previous participants continued to receive significant funding and commercial success. Competing startups this year are FLX SolutionsAnd the Lifting robotsAnd the tatum robotsAnd the Transgressive robots And the Vichy robots.

If you are a robotics startup and interested in attending this event, please get in touch with [email protected] For more information about discounted show tickets.

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