Seat Concepts Comfort Sport Touring Foam, Cover DIY Kit Review

Seat Concepts Comfort Sport Touring Foam, Cover DIY Kit Review

My Adventure Bike Journey the land of comfort On the The ultimate motorbike ride The Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike has been a year-long mission. It started 10 minutes after I received it in Los Angeles. I almost panicked when I realized I had an extra 1,100 miles of stock seat torture to endure to get home.Yamaha Ténéré 700 Ultimate Motorcycling Project Bike: Let the Fun BeginMy first seat was the One Piece Comfort seat. My rear end is no longer subject to the Yamaha Accessory Rally seat or the stock split seat. When I got my One Piece Comfort seat, I was doing a lot of technical riding at a slow speed on The ultimate motorbike ride The Yamaha Ténéré 700 project bike. It was perfect for standing and sitting off-road, and for getting to and from remote riding areas.

Comfortable one-piece seat

My apologies to the extremes, I installed highway pegs on the T7 engine guards. I sat on books of different thicknesses to find a comfortable position with my legs on the highway pegs for hours at a time. The Seat Concepts Comfort Tall split seat height fits my position while on the road. The Seat Concepts Comfort Tall passenger seat was great for long days in the saddle. However, with 30 inches on the inside, there was a problem—I’m not tall enough to avoid tipping over on uneven off-road. Because of the spontaneous changes in my itinerary. So, the search for my perfect seat continued when I returned from my last road trip. Returning to the Seat Concepts site, I took a closer look at the Comfort Sport-Touring model. It has a 13-inch-wide seating area—six inches wider than the split-passenger/passenger seat and rally seat.

Seat Concepts Comfort Sport Touring Seat

This DIY Comfort Sport-Touring upholstery kit took 45 minutes to start and finish, although this was the second time I’ve re-covered a Seat Concepts DIY. Here’s the process:

  • Use a small, flat-bladed screwdriver to pry out the existing pins.
  • Take off the existing foam and cover.
  • Dry fit new foam, plastic water trap, and seat cover.
  • Spray an all-purpose adhesive on the seat pan to get the foam to stick to the pan. This kit is put together at the back of the bottom in the foam in this model, around where your tailbone is.
  • Stretch the cover over the foam and start stapling. Your job is to secure the cover to the back side of the seat board while holding the seat material in position.

There’s a technique for it, and Seat Concepts has a video tutorial on its website. The way the cover is designed, it’s easy to see how it should be positioned correctly.If all of that sounds like more than you want to tackle, Seat Concepts will charge you just $25 on top of the $275 MSRP kit to install the new Comfort Sport-Touring foam and hood. You’ll have to send them the unfolded pan, each split seat set has foam and a lid that fits in. I’ve never ridden with a passenger in a Ténéré 700, so I didn’t feel the need to get the billion back. The ultimate motorbike ride The Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike was a real comfort for long-distance riding. The extra width at the rear end of the single passenger seat is heaven for my thin rear end. My butt seems to be in the perfect seat for my size. It’s a more relaxed riding position, as I feel like I’m sitting “in” rather than “on” the bike.When I put my shoes on on the highway pegs, I sway a bit on my tailbone, which is the position that works for me on endurance rides. The Comfort Sport-Touring seat has enough padding to support specific pressure in the tailbone. The rear of the seat has a slight height, which, along with the lighter bucket shape and anti-slip cover, prevents me from moving during heavy acceleration and hard braking. Earlier, I passed by the Seat Concepts Comfort Sport-Touring model—I thought it would be quite roomy, so I haven’t evaluated it after that initial idea. The nose of the Sport-Touring model is the same width and height as the separate front seat – just moving myself forward when stopped provides the footpeg I love to have on uneven terrain. The nose section is narrow, so the only time I use the amazing 13-inch width is when I’m sitting down. The way Seat Concepts has designed the foam and cover, it’s as close as an Adventure Seat can get to the feel of a touring bike seat, the name is ergo – Comfort Sport-Touring.Fortunately for the adventure riding community, Seat Concepts has comfortable seat upgrades for nearly every adventure bike. For the Ténéré 700, Seat Concepts has full-length and full-length rally-style comfort and split seating. Each seat is configurable with multiple versions, foam thicknesses, and seat cover materials to choose from, depending on your driving style and how gentle you are.Seat Concepts Traders on every continent except Antarctica. When you place an order directly with Seat Concepts, they customize foam density based on height, weight, age, riding style and package preferences. I ordered a softer foam, just like the Three Bears story, Seat Concepts Comfort Sport-Touring Seat for The ultimate motorbike ride The Yamaha Ténéré 700 Project Bike is the right choice for me.

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