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Robotic Vision Platform Luxonis announces its first open source personal robot, Ray

OAK Camera Line Creators launches Kickstarter campaign to develop an open source bot for everyone: rae

Luxonis, a Colorado-based robotic vision platform, is pleased to introduce Rai, the first fully-configured, high-powered personal robot. Powered by a Kickstarter campaign to help support its development, rae differentiates itself by offering many features on the spot, along with a unique degree of experimental programming capabilities that far exceed other consumer bots on the market. The latest in a long line of Luxonis innovations, rae is designed to make bots accessible and easy for users of any experience level.

“rae is our number one goal at Luxonis: to make robotics accessible and easy for anyone, not just the enduring engineer with years of programming experience,” said Brandon Gill, Luxonis CEO. “An old truth about robots is that the barrier to entry sometimes seems impossibly high, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By creating opinion, we want to help show the kinds of positive impacts robots can have in the lives of all people, whether It was as simple as helping you find your keys, talking to your American Sign Language friend, or playing with your kids.”

At its core, Ray is a world-class robot that includes artificial intelligence, computer vision, and machine learning, all on the machine. Building on the brand’s award-winning OAK camera technology, rae offers stereo depth, object tracking, motion estimation, 9-axis IMU data, neural inference, angle detection, and motion zoom, and is fully compatible with the DepthAI API. Using next-generation synchronous localization and mapping (SLAM), rae can map and navigate through unknown environments, and is preconfigured with ROS 2 to access its powerful suite of software and applications.

Featuring a full suite of standard applications, RAE offers games like follow, hide, and search, and useful tools like barcode/QR code scanning, license plate reading, fall detection, time-lapse recording, emotion recognition, object finding, sign language interpretation, and an alert mode. Safety. All applications can be controlled through the rae mobile application, which users can use from anywhere around the world. They can also link to Luxonis’ cloud platform, RobotHub, to manage customizations, download and install user-created apps, and collaborate with the Luxonis user community.

Crowdfunding campaigns and developing groundbreaking products that robotics love is something that is in Luxonis’ DNA, evidenced by its solid track record of two previous successful campaigns. Luxonis’ first Kickstarter platform for the OpenCV AI Kit in 2021 raised $1.3 million with 6,564 backers, and the second for OAK-D Lite raised $1.02 million with 7,988 backers. Backed by bot aficionados and brand loyalists, as well as new target supporters like teachers, students, and parents, Ray is well on her way to making an impact as a revolutionary personal bot not limited to niche demographics.

Rai starts at $299 and international shipping is available.

Interested supporters can learn more about the campaign here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/opencv/rae-0

For more information about Luxonis, visit https://www.luxonis.com/

About Luxonis:

The mission at Luxonis is a simple robotic vision. They’re improving the world’s engineering efficiency with industry-leading, award-winning camera systems, incorporating artificial intelligence, CV, and machine learning in a compact, high-performance package. Providing end-to-end solutions spanning hardware, firmware, software and a growing cloud-based management platform, Luxonis prioritizes customer success above all else through the continuous development of the DepthAI ecosystem.

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