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Robotic Grips Market Size, Share, Trends and Forecast Report 2022-2029

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The main companies included in the Robotic Grippers Market are OnRobot, DESTACO, Applied Robotics, Inc. , Cellro B.V., Robotiq Inc. RobotWorx, Inc. LLC, Grabit Inc. , SAS Automation, EMI Corp. , Festo, KUKA Soft Robotics, TÜNKERS, ATI Industrial Automation, ABB, Weiss Robotics, Piab AB, JH Robotics, Bastian Solutions, SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG

Pune, India, October 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – World Robotic grippers market The scale is set to expand rapidly due to the increasing demand for high quality and efficient tools in the manufacturing industries. Its strong grip and material handling can boost market growth. Fortune Business Insights™ She mentions this information in her report entitled “Robotic grippers market, 2022-2029.

Power clutches are tools that can hold, move, release, and tighten components in a manufacturing plant. It is widely used to handle fragile materials in industries such as glass items, chemical containers, etc. They have excellent grip and enhance operational safety during operations. The robotic clutch can withstand extreme temperatures and provide excellent damage resistance. It is highly sustainable against wear and tear and maintains its grip even after multiple uses. Integrating technology will enable companies to reduce time consumption, speed up their operations, enhance security, and achieve set goals. In addition, automated clutch tools use advanced computerized systems and advanced technologies such as machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance manufacturing processes. Therefore, this factor can enhance the growth of the market during the forecast period.

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Some of the leading companies in the market:

Impact of COVID-19

Sales slump amid COVID-19 pandemic to negatively impact market growth

This market is expected to be adversely affected during the COVID-19 pandemic due to strict government restrictions on manufacturing and production. Restrictions on transportation activities have led to a shortage of raw materials. Moreover, the closure of manufacturing facilities is set to lead to a steady decline in sales of automated clutches. However, the allocation of part-time work shifts resulted in a slight increase in the demand for the product. Therefore, the market is expected to grow slowly until the end of the pandemic.

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Report scope and segmentation:

Report coverage


prediction period


base year


Historical data


Covered area

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, Africa and the rest of the world

covered slices

By type, application, end-user industry, and geography

Engines of growth for the robotic clutches industry

Automation in the manufacturing process to stimulate market growth

Notable companies to launch innovative products to strengthen market positions

Huge investment in production activities to drive market growth in the Asia-Pacific region


By type, the market is segmented into electric servo clutch, vacuum clutch, hydraulic clutch, and pneumatic clutch. Based on the application, they are divided into inspection, general assembly, material handling, and others. According to the end user industry, they are categorized into healthcare, food and beverage, logistics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electronics and semiconductors, and automotive and transportation. Geographically, it is clubbed in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa.

Report highlights

  • The report highlights recent market trends and top segments.

  • A comprehensive discussion is underway regarding the impact of COVID-19, driving and limiting factors, and the impact of COVID-19.

  • This report examines the strategies put forward by the prominent market players and regional developments.

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Drivers and restrictions

Automation in the manufacturing process to stimulate market growth

Manufacturers incorporate advanced automated technologies into their production processes to enhance their operational efficiency and enhance production quality. Automation reduces labor costs and speeds up operations. The incorporation of an automated clutch enhances safety and prevents accidents in the workplace. It also enhances safety due to its ability to handle sensitive cargo, which in turn eliminates losses. The integration of advanced technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and smart sensors will enhance the accuracy and performance of the robotic clutch. This factor is set to improve the manufacturer’s ability to produce more goods in a shorter time, which in turn enables it to improve its annual revenue. Therefore, these factors can drive the growth of the Automotive Clutch market.

However, high investment costs for robotic handles could hamper market growth in the coming years.

Regional Insights

Huge investment in production activities to drive market growth in the Asia-Pacific region

The Asia Pacific region is expected to dominate in terms of market share of robotic handles over the coming years due to huge investments in production technologies by manufacturers. This investment can enable them to enhance their productive capabilities. In addition, increasing production activities in developed countries such as Korea, Japan, China and developing countries such as Malaysia, India and Indonesia can promote market growth.

In the Middle East and Africa, lower labor costs and the presence of established businesses can boost demand for automated clutches. Moreover, increased investments in production activities can drive market growth.

Competitive scene

Notable companies to launch innovative products to strengthen market positions

Prominent companies operating in the market announce the launch of innovative products to strengthen their positions in the market. For example, Festo announced the release of its adaptive clutch in January 2019. It comes with a silicone sleeve that can grip objects of all shapes and sizes. This advertisement will enable the company to meet consumer demand and improve the product. Moreover, adopting partnership strategies can help companies boost their resources and improve production techniques. This strategy can help companies boost their business.

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