Jimmy Cruz, left, assists Dr. Frederick Shaw as Bianca Castillo sits during last month's dental implant procedure.  Shaw uses the YOMI Robotic Dental System, the first robot designed for dental care to reconstruct teeth.

Robotic advances are finding their way into dental offices in Austin

Bianca Castillo doesn’t like being at the dentist. In fact, when she learned that she needed to have a tooth extracted and then implanted, she decided to wait a while until she could have the implant placed with Neocis’ YOMI Robotic Dental System under the supervision of Austin dentist Dr. Frederick Shaw.

“Getting an implant is generally scary,” Castillo said. “It seems a lot less scary knowing the accuracy of the system.”

The only thing Castillo, 24, should feel during the procedure is the blow from the numb shots and maybe a little pressure.

Since July, Shaw, of the Austin-based Shoal Creek Prosthodontics Group, has performed more than 40 robotic implants. It’s part of the increasing use of robotic technology in everything from diagnostic procedures to non-invasive surgeries.

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