Rangers, Flyers advance in DIV

Rangers, Flyers advance in DIV

Friday October 21 2022

by Tom Haines

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Minster’s Kayla Lamm scores a shot as Nicole Frank rises from Marion Lochal in the Hangar’s Division 4 final on Thursday.

MARIA STEEN — Two teams from the Midwest Athletic Conference beat their tickets Thursday to Division 4 Volleyball in the Wapakoneta District.

New Knoxville followed a five-set win on Tuesday with a 27-25, 22-25, 25-19, 25-21 win over Berry in Thursday’s opener, knocking out another MAC opponent Marion Local at 25-15, 25-17, 25 -17 victory over Minster in the Night Cup in the hangar.

“You never want to go out, but if you have to, there is no better way to get out than facing one of your opponents in the conference,” said Minster coach Kami Jarman. “Marion is a highly respected team. We knew it was going to be a battle ahead, and all we wanted was a good volleyball match.”

Marion Local will face New Knoxville in the county semifinals on Tuesday, with New Bremen and Temple Christian on the other side of the arc. The winners of those matches will face next Thursday.

Marion Local 3, Minster 0

Coming in, Minster (9-14) had a worrisome tendency to slow the starts, and Garman was focused on boosting Wildcats play in the first six laps.

It worked, and the Wildcats maintained a tie in the match for the first time in the first two sets. But then, Marion pulled out every time.

“We enjoy having teams that used to have big gyms and play in that gym,” Flyers coach Anthony Chapel said. “The fans are above you, the ceiling is low. It’s an advantage and I’ll take it. I’d rather play Minster at home.”

Minster led the first set 10-9 before Chloe Runnibaum fired a knockout on the Wildcats’ block to tie it up, and Nora Eckstein jumped off an eight-point, assisted block and two kills by Lindsay Koenig, to practice the pilots for an 18-11 lead.

Koenig ended the group with a pair of kills to put Marion ahead in the match.

In the second set, the Wildcats advanced 6-1 before Lydia Eifert’s four-point serve cut the lead to one, and Minster could only avoid the Flyers for so long. Nicole Frank tied even at the age of 11 with a shot at left-back, the Wildcats received a Reagan Kramer serve error that put Marion ahead, and Frank added another hit to make it 13-11.

Reagan Kramer extended her run to eight points, and although Minster came back within five points at 20-15, it was too little, too late. A tip from Kramer gave Marion a set point, and after the Wildcats reclaimed two goals, he stopped her by serving into the net.

“In terms of confrontation, we didn’t play well in the front row, and that’s probably why six in the middle (alternately) beat six in the middle,” Jarman said. “But in the end, we fought hard.”

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

Minster’s Alayna Pringer sets the ball up for Marion Lochal in the Fourth Division final in the fold on Thursday.

Marion started the third set in round 9-3 and didn’t let Minster get close to four the rest of the way. Koenig got three Wildcats kills in a row as the Flyers extended the lead to 19-10. Runebaum’s volley to set the match point and a net error resulted in the pilots winning.

“We had a casual workout yesterday, but when we came in today, everyone was looking at it,” Chapel said. “I think it would have required a little miracle for us not to pull it off today. We would have won no matter what, or at least that’s the attitude of the girls and coaches.

“There was no leader they had as we were down and out. We knew we’d get to 25 first.”

Koenig has a high 12 kills per match to go by 3 blocks. Julia Muller scored 17 assists and Natalie Evers added 13, while Lydia Evert added 11.

Barhurst led Minster with eight kills, while Megan Furtman scored three blocks and Hemmelgarn finished with 16 holes.

New Knoxville 3, Berry 1

With the game tied at 1, New Knoxville withdrew early in the third inning with a 9-2 score to go up 12-5. Natalie Kaupp added four points to reach 18-8, and despite Perry’s late lead, Rangers sealed a five-point win.

Although the fourth set saw nine draws, New Knoxville led 11-10 after killing Brian Egbert in a row and was never behind the rest of the way.

Photo by Nick Winning/The Daily Standard

New Knoxville’s Brian Egbert takes a shot at Bury on Thursday.

“I think they got together as a team,” New Knoxville coach Madison Lammers said. “We definitely refocused on that last set, and we just responded. We started getting our passes on target so we could set up more fouls, and we started getting more forced points instead of non-forced errors.”

Rangers’ lead by four before two consecutive shot errors slashed the lead, a pair of receiving errors tied the set at 20 and forced coach Lammers to call the timeout.

“It made them close their eyes and just think about this feeling, how they will feel after winning the match, so they will have a goal to play for and give them more urgency to finish the match with four,” she said.

Egbert sent a left-to-right shot to a kill, the net infringement extended to two goals, and Egbert added another kill before a hitting foul led to match point.

After Mary Horsten’s lead shot to delay the defeat, Egbert saved an off-goal serve received with a one-handed kick passed over the backline by a defender, sending Rangers into the domestic championship.

“I am very grateful that we got two questionable points,” coach Lammers said. “Going forward we really need to work on our focus, our ball control – that was a huge blow to our game tonight – but I’m really proud of the girls because we managed to win.”

Rangers advanced early in the first set until Berry smashed Isabella Anderson and forced a receiving error to equalize at 13. From there, the group saw seven draws, with Berry leading by three points at 20-17 ahead of New. Knoxville rallied.

After being blocked by Ally Topp and Addi Albers tied at 23, Topp went into the net to give Perry a set point. Egbert equalized with a shot at the backline, but the Commodores regained the advantage on a collision foul.

Keanna Wellman leveled again with a light shot in the middle, Berry’s misunderstanding gave New Knoxville a set point and Egbert fired into the net that landed inside the right line.

“We have a lot of young girls on our squad, and championship time, there’s a lot at stake,” said coach Lammers. “Either you keep going, or your season is over. I think there was a lot of tension in the last two games, so refocusing on them was a big part tonight.”

After a slow start to the second, the Rangers tied the number 20 times thanks to three errors by Perry before the Commodore pinned the ship. A kill by Hoersten and three consecutive fouls at New Knoxville gave Perry a set point, and after a kill by the Lammers, Rhema Pernell responded with an off-block kill until the match.

“We shoot too many balls and don’t let the other team earn their points,” coach Lammers said. “Again, they’re young, so they’re going to make those mistakes. It comes with experience, but I know they can.”

Egbert finished with 16 kills and three blocks. TOP added eight kills and Cuban scored two crushing hits.

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