Okdodoo has a DIY music box workshop for this Christmas gifts

Okdodoo has a DIY music box workshop for this Christmas gifts

Build your own music box

It’s the season of fun, and if you’re like me, choosing a meaningful gift can be a tricky thing to figure out. This especially happens when social media sites like Instagram and TikTok are flooded with people giving extravagant gifts to loved ones they really love. spoiled market.

So, if you’re looking for something heartfelt, personal, and that will score you some brownie points with your talent, then Okdodoo Music Box Workshop It is just the place.

Custom music boxes with 58 different sound options

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Custom plaques or bracelets with a Spotify music code that plays a special song when scanned has become a popular music gift in recent years. But instead of doing that, why not resist the trend and make a secret Santa swap jukebox from scratch?

Okdodoo Music Box Workshop Build your own music box
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this is 3 hours Workshop (from $90) It allows you to choose every aspect of your music box – from the size of the base to the decorative trim that will appear on top. You can even select the type of music the box is playing. Options include classics such as Beethoven Song of joy or fan favorite anime themes from kidnapped And the Totoro.

Music Boxes Okdodoo Music Box WorkshopThe music box can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.
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The bases are either square or round with different sizes available. The square and larger round bases have 45 different tones to choose from while the smaller round bases have 15. The cost of the final product depends on the pieces you choose, and the prices range from them $90 – $130.

Each workshop only accepts up to 6 people At any time with open time slots Daily Reservations in 11 amAnd the 2 pmAnd the 6 pm. So give them a call to reserve your spot before they get picked up.

Submit your favorite tunes to get a special jukebox

Aside from the workshop, you can also commission Okdodoo to create a file custom music box That plays a specific song – perfect gift for couples who share a special tune.

Okdodoo Music Box Workshop Custom music
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Note that personal music box decoration is not available if you want a song other than the standard tunes and it only comes in the classic wooden box with two configuration options – 18 music notes boxes ($170) or 30 music notes boxes ($350).

If they already have the song you requested, that’s all the costs you need to incur. But if a new song requires new composition on their part, there is an increase of $120 and $150 for 18 notes and 30 music boxes respectively.

Okdodoo Music Box 18 Notes Music Box Workshop
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All you have to do is submit an MP3 file, YouTube or Spotify link and they will do the rest. An 18-note jukebox covers 12 to 14 seconds of music while a 30-note jukebox covers 30 to 35 seconds of music.

Since these music boxes are much larger and require more complex workmanship, you will need to give them a lead time of about 30 days. And while you may not be able to put cute trinkets on the chests, you can still choose inscriptions on the surface of the trunk lid ($12) or on a metal plate inside the lid of the box ($12).

Build a music box for someone special this Christmas

Akdodo Music Workshop
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Whether you are looking for an intimate gift or an interesting activity, Okdodoo’s Music Box workshop has a lot to offer visitors with many options for making a truly unique music box.

And since Christmas is coming, you can choose festive carols like A quiet night Or maybe Mariah Carey’s thaw. all I Want for Christmas Is You And give it to your loved ones.

Learn more about Okdodoo Music Box Workshop

138 Robinson Road, Oxley Tower #03-31, Singapore 068906
work hours: Tuesday – Thursday 12:30 pm – 7.30 pm, Saturday 12 pm – 7 pm (closed on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays)
Contact: 98782416 | Okdodoo site

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