New TUG robots help Mercy co-workers, save more time for patient care

New TUG robots help Mercy co-workers, save more time for patient care

Machines for conveying linen, medicine, food and more

Street. LouisAnd the November 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For many, the feeling of wishing you had an extra pair of hands – or perhaps even a personal assistant is a familiar feeling. Whether the task to be done is bringing groceries inside, folding clothes or some other chore, everyone can relate to a long to-do list and not enough time to complete tasks on it. [WATCH a Mercy TUG in action.]

Nurses and other co-workers have a range of daily duties, and especially since the start of the pandemic, their responsibilities can feel overwhelming. Even before the pandemic, the United States faced a shortage of clinical care providers. Today, as one in five health care workers in the United States has left the industry, the situation is even more pressing. To help co-workers do what they do best Patient Care – Mercy has implemented an innovative way to get time-consuming support tasks done.

“When there aren’t enough hands or feet to get everything done, a set of wheels can make all the difference. TUGs, autonomous robots, take on many of the tasks that used to slow us down and take time away from our patients,” he said. Kim Kerlagon, a patient ambassador at Mercy Jefferson Hospital, where robots have been used for the past three years. “They can pick up and deliver patients’ meals, linens, and even medicines. Every trip that TUG takes is one that a human doesn’t have to take, and for nurses and other caregivers, it means we can spend more time with our patients.”

After a successful pilot program at Mercy Jefferson, out Saint LouisTUGs are used in the largest Mercy hospital in Saint Louiswith a target release date by the end of January 2023followed by other Mercy hospitals throughout the year.

“The use of TUGs across Mercy communities continues to commit to an innovative approach to healthcare to benefit patients and the care they receive,” he said. Eric Ammons, President of Mercy Jefferson Hospital. “Mercy was among the first care systems in the United States to have a comprehensive, integrated electronic health record. TUG robots are another on a growing list of innovations that enable Mercy co-workers to focus on providing the best possible patient care. The next time you visit one of the Mercy institutions, be sure to look up TUG.”

TUGs, named for the way they can reliably carry carts containing various supplies around the hospital, are truly autonomous. They can sense obstacles and people in their path and can navigate around them, respond to emergencies and get themselves out of an area, and even call and ride hospital elevators to move around the building.

“Honestly, I wish I could have one of these things for my home,” he said. Jacqueline Bauch, executive director of support services at Mercy Jefferson. “They just deal with a lot of little things to do but it either takes time or is boring. Imagine having a robot that can take out the trash and wash your clothes. It saves a lot of time for our healthcare staff not replacing co-workers, but helping us instead Than that in doing more important work, spending more time with patients.”

Dr. said. John Muhart, president of Mercy Communities and chief medical officer. “We know that needs in all of our facilities are different, so TUGs will perform different functions in different places. This technology will support co-workers who need it most.”

MercyIt is one of the 25 largest health systems in the United States and has been named the Largest Large System in the United States for Excellent Patient Experience by NRC Health, serving millions annually with nationally recognized high-quality care and one of the largest responsible care organizations in the country. Mercy It is a highly integrated, multi-state healthcare system including Over 40 acute, managed and specialized care hospitals (cardiac, pediatric, orthopedic and rehabilitation), Adequate and urgent care sites, imaging centers and pharmacies. mercy for her 900 medical clinics and outpatient facilities, 4000 Mercy Clinic Doctors and Advanced Practitioners, Over 40,000 Co-workers serving patients and families around the world ArkansasAnd the kansasAnd the Missouri And the Oklahoma. Mercy also has clinics, outpatient services, and outreach ministries in ArkansasAnd the LouisianaAnd the Mississippi And the Texas.


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