New Bedford Research & Robotics is committed to Detroit

New Bedford Research & Robotics is committed to Detroit

New Bedford – Within the next two years, a female employee will study and work alongside the latest battery technology to be a robot designed in New Bedford for The new campus for e-mobility innovation in Detroit.

for New Bedford Research and Robotics Founder and CEO Mark Parsons, there was no hesitation in accepting an invitation from his mentor and advisor to design several robotics operations areas in the 60,000 square feet of this new campus. New Lab will run the accelerator.

He said that startups that are part of the transition to an electricity-based industry will be able to employ robots to manufacture their prototypes and bring their products to market in these regions. For the Detroit Project, the nonprofit takes four main components.

Bedford Research and Robotics founder and CEO Mark Parsons connects New Bedford to Detroit through his nonprofit.

One is the development of shared robotics platforms, or specific types of robots designed to work alongside humans.

The other is to design robots to remove material, or grind, in a dedicated cell or room with a giant robot capable of essentially shaping and sculpting solid objects, and the third is to develop two robots that will be 3D printed using different materials including ceramics and thermoplastics.

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