MTR100 Spotlight: Armach Robotics

MTR100 Spotlight: Armach Robotics

MTR100 is a look at 100 leading companies, technologies and individuals in the global subsea sector. In the September/October issue, Marine Technology Reporter Published the seventeenth annual MTR100. Today’s highlight is Armach Robotics, launched by Greensea Systems Inc.

Armach Robotics (Armach) Embarks on a revolution in proactiveness Cleaning ship hulls in water Using small autonomous robots. Proactive cleaning in the water is the frequent removal of biofouling in the early stages by gentle means, which reduces the problem in its early stages. Microfouling management and control leads to significant benefits to vessel efficiency and environmental safety. Adopting a proactive in-water cleanup plan is the biggest step a ship owner or operator can take to effectively manage the problems associated with microfouling, including increased fuel consumption and consequent increased emissions. Armach’s proactive approach to water cleaning is applicable to all types of vessels, old and new.

Armach Robotics has set out to change the way shipowners maintain their fleets with a proactive, intelligence-based cleaning service in the water. Armach is a leader in creating an intelligent solution to a global marine problem. Armakh exploits the power Greensea Systems architecture platform OPENSEA, for special navigation and operational software that allow Armach to clean ship hulls efficiently and quickly. The resulting clean hull improves vessel efficiency, reduces fuel cost/consumption, and provides a complete hull condition report, giving shipowners new insight into the condition of their ships’ hulls. Armach Robotics technology is ready to meet the demand for cleaner, more efficient freight operations, and drive the industry forward with a disruptive, high-tech solution for cleaner freight operations. Armach boasts an experienced leadership team, with operations based in Plymouth, Massachusetts.Armach Hull Service Robot (HSR). Image courtesy Armache

Armach offers a subscription-based proactive cleaning solution that overcomes many of the shortcomings of current methods through the use of Armach Hull Service Robots (HSR). The HSR is a one-man deployed hybrid flying and crawler robot, measuring approximately 1 meter in length and weighing less than 35 kg. Cleaning head brushes have been extensively tested to ensure they work optimally with any paint system, effectively removing microfouling while not damaging or accelerating the rate of paint wear. The HSR is equipped with forward looking sonar and front and rear cameras for documenting chassis condition and pre and post cleaning. Autonomy and precision in navigation are built on the hull on Greensea’s OPENSEA and SafeC2 platforms. The entire vessel can be cleaned in one day, and through the use of autonomy and reduced infrastructure and manpower on site, the annual cost is significantly lower than a reactive solution. Providing full hull coverage is critical to successful proactive cleaning with an approach of avoiding frequent contact with areas already cleaned, as this is suboptimal for a coating system. Finally, data collected during service provides evidence for the owner and operator that the structure has been fully processed. Meaningful architecture data output can be integrated into existing and future performance monitoring systems, allowing for real-world data that improves service routines and enables increased performance.

Armach Robotics launches its first production Hull Service Robot (HSR) After an extensive technological development phase, the first HSR after the prototype was unveiled in May 2022. GRENSY SYSTEMS COMPANY. It was granted a two-year Phase II option period before US Naval Office of Naval Research To continue the technological development of autonomous chassis cleaning vehicle. Armach Robotics provides robots and robotics operators for field operations throughout the performance life.

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