Miso Robotics' global expansion aims to provide investors 17x more opportunity

Miso Robotics’ global expansion aims to provide investors 17x more opportunity

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Companies love robots that work alongside humans. They don’t take days off and are incredibly dependable. That’s why, in the labor-starved restaurant industry, kitchen automation solutions from miso robots Gained a lot of traction.


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After successfully automating kitchen operations for major US fast food brands, Miso is sending its robotic assistants to the international market and offering investors the opportunity to join them.

This is why Miso may truly hold the key to the future of fast food.

Miso helps make restaurants more efficient.

From low wages to hot grease, people have found plenty of reasons not to work in fast food kitchens. As a result, 500,000 new fast food jobs are filled each month, leaving many brands in dire need of automation solutions.

That’s why miso was designed Robots to cook foodpouring drinks, and performing other repetitive tasks that humans would prefer to avoid. For example, Miso’s Flippy 2 bot can fry, its Sippy bot pours drinks, and the Flippy Lite bot can fry and label items, recently used by partners to make tortilla chips.

All of these bots improve efficiency over time thanks to machine learning. As a result, restaurant staff have more time to focus on customer-oriented service, knowing that Miso robots deliver consistent quality.

Furthermore, Miso Technology also deals with the fast food industry’s old tradition of low profits (average profit margin 5%) and rapid labor turnover, which has contributed to many restaurants’ lack of consistency and quality.

With miso, these are problems from the past. Its robots offer restaurants a low-cost, easy-to-use way to boost efficiency and have shown that it can Triple restaurant profit margins.

And thanks to the Robot-as-Service (RaaS) model, restaurants only pay a monthly fee for Miso’s technology, allowing them to see a positive return on the first day of operations.

It’s no surprise that many restaurants have already partnered with Miso, but that’s just the beginning.

Miso World Tour.

Many of the top fast food brands have already adopted Miso AI-powered automation solutions. White Castle, Jack in the Box, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Caliburger are among the many well-loved restaurants that already have Flippys and Sippys that lower costs and boost efficiency.

But Miso’s opportunity to expand her presence is greater abroad. Take Europe, for example, where brands are spending up to 50 per cent more trying to bridge employment gaps.

This is exactly why Miso has landed a New international partnership They expect it will play a large role in the company’s expansion into a global market of 20 million restaurants – an opportunity 17 times larger than the US alone.

With several US fast food restaurants and a global home for brands on the horizon, Miso believes it has demonstrated a global need for its automation solutions.

Join Miso as it plans to expand globally.

More than 20,000 investors have already recognized Miso’s position as an early mover, giving Miso the opportunity to build a solid foundation and partner with America’s most amazing fast food brands. Now, they’re going global and raising additional money to ramp up innovation in a market where demand is stronger than when they started.

With the next mission of global domination, there would be no better time than today to become a Miso contributor. Learn more about Miso Robotics and how you can benefit as an investor.

The investment opportunity ends on 11/18/2022.

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