Magna to manufacture Cartken's self-delivery robots in the US

Magna to manufacture Cartken’s self-delivery robots in the US

Global contract manufacturer Magna International has agreed to produce and expand a fleet of autonomous delivery robots for Silicon Valley-based Cartken Robotics. The robots are manufactured at the Magna facility in Michigan and will soon offer last-mile self-delivery to companies around the world.

Magna International (MGA dollars) It is located as one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers, particularly in the world of motorized mobility. The company has produced more than 3.7 million vehicles across thirty different models for ten different OEM customers, including the likes of Ford, Rivian and GM. This fall, Magna will begin production of Fisker Inc.’s flagship EV engine. , Ocean.

As the entire auto industry quickly moves toward all-electric models, Magna has followed suit, developing everything from electric power trains to battery enclosures and ADAS systems. However, there are a lot of advanced technologies that Magna develops and implements on its own that apply not only to the automotive world but also to advanced mobility as a whole.

Magna International describes itself as a 65-year-old startup that didn’t become the largest contract manufacturer in North America by building cars for OEMs. Magna is looking to help increase new mobility by helping to sustainably solve today’s challenges.

This is a big reason why Cartken’s agreement to build autonomous delivery bots makes so much sense.

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Magna begins building C-type self-connecting robots.

Magna International announces its latest manufacturing collaboration in press release Today, he brainstormed on the decision to help scale Cartken’s autonomous delivery robot technology to help support a growing segment of last-mile sustainable delivery vehicles. Magna Executive Vice President and Global Leader for New Mobility, Matteo Del Sorbo explained:

We continue to identify opportunities in the new mobility ecosystem as we use our capabilities to unlock new growth areas and new business models. This collaboration with Cartken is a great example of this approach. Our ability to design, engineer and manufacture complete vehicles makes Magna an ideal partner for companies looking to solve last mile delivery challenges with sustainable, independent and cost-effective solutions.

Cartken’s Model C is a fully autonomous delivery robot, equipped with a remote monitoring and remote operation system that allows immediate human overtaking if required. These robots can seamlessly traverse indoor and outdoor situations and are equipped with multiple cameras, advanced machine learning, and simultaneous Localization and Mapping (SLAM)-based navigation algorithms.

Under the current terms of the agreement, Cartken expects to build thousands of autonomous delivery robots once Magna’s production capacity is increased in the coming months.

Cartken’s current fleet of Type-C self-delivery robots is already in commercial operation, serving various use cases in malls, hotels, universities, retail and warehouses worldwide. With the help of Magna, Cartken is looking to expand its independent presence even further. Christian Birch, co-founder and CEO of the company, shared his thoughts:

We are looking for strategic partners who can accelerate Cartken’s growth trajectory. This partnership is an important step towards expanding our business and introducing more Model C to the world. We are honored that Magna, as a global leader with deep systems knowledge and manufacturing excellence, has recognized the capabilities of our robotics and the quality of our technology. Magna’s drive to new spaces has inspired us and we are excited to move forward together in our efforts to expand distribution.

Looking to the future, the parties are discussing additional models of the self-delivery robot joining the assembly line, based on the same platform as the Model C. Future models could serve additional business models such as the robot-as-a-service. Currently, the Model C is being produced at the Magna manufacturing facility in Michigan and will continue to expand through 2022.

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