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Locus Robotics AMRs exceed 1 billion items selected

It’s been more than four years since Locus Robotics made its first warehouse pick when AMR picked the 100 millionth pick. On Thursday, the company announced that its AMRs have now exceeded 1 billion units selected, and it took just 59 days for the latest 100 million units.

Rick Falk, CEO of bots site. “The need for cost-effective bot automation is a must as e-commerce volumes continue to increase and labor shortages continue. Locus is proud to help our customers meet this challenge efficiently with robust enterprise-grade automation solutions that position them to succeed today and in the future. “.

The main selection was made at a home improvement retailer’s warehouse in Florida. The item was a cordless rotary tool kit.

Locus said its AMRs have now driven more than 17 million miles in customer warehouses. Their solutions are located in more than 200 locations around the world with some sites hosting up to 500 LocusBots.

Just last month, Locus announced that global logistics company Geodis will deploy 1,000 AMRs to facilities around the world. Geodis currently uses Locus AMRs at 14 facilities, helping meet retail and consumer brand demands.

Current estimates have warehouse automation account for between 5% and 10% of all global facilities. Retail companies that deal with labor-intensive e-commerce implementations are showing a particular interest in automation technology. Statista reported that the global warehouse automation market is expected to grow steadily to $30.15 billion by 2026. As recently as 2016, it was $9.95 billion.

“This latest achievement demonstrates the incredible growth of Locus Robotics and the AMR industry and also demonstrates the feasibility of retailers and logistics companies’ adoption of robotic picking technology,” said Ash Sharma, Senior Research Director at Interact Analysis. “One billion picks is an amazing milestone and testifies to Locus Robotics’ innovation and vision over the past few years.”

Locus Robotics works with customers in a bots-as-a-service subscription model, making it easy for customers to add to or subtract from their robotic fleet without fear of a large capital investment. The company said the AMRs work collaboratively with humans to improve cutting-handling productivity between two and three times.

At Home Delivery World in Philadelphia at the beginning of September, Jason Lum, sales manager for bots siteto the public that Locus turns the datasets in the repository into actionable information.

“How do we make warehouse assistants more efficient?” Lum asked the audience before explaining how the desire to deliver packages in one day led to the need for more information and efficiency. “You need to command this layer of information. When you think of robotics, it comes down to [adding] That layer of BI [business intelligence]. “

Lum went on to explain that the data collected inside repositories is used by operations on the ground to better deploy both humans and robots.

“This is where business intelligence tools come in. [shine]. Lum said. “Our goal is to make sure that every piece of information … you can chop and chop. Do you want to see employee selection rates? We can do that.”

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