Killer bots are permitted under the draft SFPD policy

Killer bots are permitted under the draft SFPD policy

a policy suggestion That is headed for Board of Supervisors approval next week would explicitly allow San Francisco police to kill suspects using robots.

The new policy, which sets out how the SDF is allowed to use its military weapons, was put in place by the police department. For the past several weeks, it has been vetted by moderators Aaron Peskin, Raphael Mandelman, and Connie Chan, who together make up the Board of Supervisors’ Rules Committee.

The draft policy has faced criticism from advocates for its language about robot power, as well as for excluding hundreds of assault rifles from its inventory of military-style weapons and for not including personnel costs in the price of its weapons.

Peskin, the committee chair, initially tried to limit the SFPD’s power over existing bots by including the sentence, “Bots may not be used as an application of force against a person.”

The following week, Oath strike out his proposal with a thick red line.

It was replaced by language codifying the department’s authority to use lethal force via robots: “Robots will only be used as a lethal force option when the risk of loss of life to members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other option of force available to the SFPD.”

This could mark a city-legal first: the use of force by a robot has occurred not before It is either approved or banned in San Francisco. A copy of this draft policy was unanimous by the Rules Committee last week and will appear before the full board on November 29.

“The original policy they introduced was actually silent on whether bots can deploy lethal force,” said Peskin. He added that he ultimately agreed to the SDF’s deleted guidelines, because the department made the case that “there can be scenarios in which the deployment of lethal force is the only option.”

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