John McBride takes on a new role as Vice President of Technology and Training at Autel Robotics

John McBride takes on a new role as Vice President of Technology and Training at Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics is pleased to announce that Jon McBride, a 21-year veteran of the drone industry, has become the company’s new Vice President of Technology and Training. This job carries global responsibility – a step above his previous coaching role at Autel where he made such a huge impact. John is widely recognized in the drone and drone community for his honesty, understanding of products and his constant focus on the customer.

He brings 35 years of experience in Drones, UAV and RC to Autel

Before he moved into the drone industry—even before the consumer industry itself was really born—McBride had a long-standing passion for remote control aircraft, 35 years ago. He owned and operated a successful RC hobby store in Utah, which attracted enthusiasts from everywhere.

With drones becoming increasingly popular over twenty years ago, McBride has become a key figure in the development and implementation of emerging drone technologies. In this new era, drones are no longer just for hobbyists, but also for public safety, and specific industrial applications, with a focus on making them accessible to all — and John was at the heart of that.

A major step in John’s career was co-founding Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems (RMUS), where he worked with enterprise drones, developing much-needed training in a market that demands more education about this burgeoning new technology.

Improve Autel

last year, John joined the Autel team as Training Manager. He spent most of that time traveling around the country training customers and merchants on how to get the most out of their Autel products, especially the Dragonfish eVTOL series. Based on his experience, John can sometimes provide critical feedback to help the engineering team improve the Dragonfish’s range.

“One of the reasons I joined Autel Robotics was because I learned that manufacturers don’t always have clear guidance or training on their products – and that’s a problem across the industry,” he said. “My passion is trying to educate people and develop manufacturer approved training.”

In the spirit of preparing formal training, he worked with the Autel team to build the Autel Robotics Training Center program. ARTC was created from the ground up to guide users in the operation, maintenance and safe use of their Autel drones.

Maria May, an Autel team member who worked directly with McBride to build the training programme. We’ve already received some really good comments [customers] I felt very prepared to go to teacher training.”

A new role for the future

McBride’s new position expands his formal role from coaching to include greater impact on product development and new technology, based on customer needs and feedback.

In his words, “My new role will include understanding Autel’s technology, educating and training our agents and customer base, working directly with engineers and research and development to improve our products, and bringing brand reliability to the masses.”

McBride’s career has already included business ownership, military leadership, and technology development. Now it is entering an exciting new phase. McBride and Autel are thrilled to have him on the leadership team.

“I am excited to work with Autel as we travel into the future as the best drone manufacturer on the planet,” said John.

About Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics is a team of industry professionals with a true passion for technology and years of engineering experience. Since its founding in 2014, Autel has always strived for customer-driven innovation and has been constantly raising the bar in the industry for drones. The company is headquartered in Shenzhen, the heart of China’s technology industry; It also has research and development bases all over the world including Seattle, Munich and Silicon Valley.

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