Indrive's BeginIT project trains disadvantaged children in IT skills

Indrive’s BeginIT project trains disadvantaged children in IT skills

BeginIT is an initiative by inDrive that aims to identify and provide future career guidance for talented children from orphanages, boarding schools and rural schools in the field of new technologies.

33 students from 3 schools owned by non-profit organizations were prepared on various technologies, including embedded systems (physical computing with Arduino kit).

At the end of the session, students submitted projects to demonstrate their ability to identify solutions related to transportation in their environment.

In his remarks, the Director of Transport Operations of the Ministry of Transport in Lagos, Olasunkanmi Ojowuro, who represented the Lagos State Commissioner for Transport, praised the inDrive initiative, which he said will go a long way to bring about the innovations needed to transform not only the transport sector but other sectors in the country.

“Everything you learn here today, make sure you take it seriously because the more you understand, the better for all of us. So, it is good to seize this opportunity as children so that Nigeria can keep pace with technological advancement as it is in many advanced societies. For example, transportation has changed from what we experienced in the past. Now, we are using technology to manage transportation,” He said.

talk about the topic“inDrive: the future of mobility”, BeginIT Representative at InDrive and Driver Acquisition Specialist, Mrs. Onuzulike ClementinaHe explained that the initiative, which has registered its presence in 15 countries, including Nigeria, aims to attract young children into technology to stimulate their problem-solving skills and prepare them for the future of work.

“We believe strongly in the potential of every child regardless of the circumstances of their birth. We feel they need to obtain timely knowledge to ensure that they can compete with their counterparts in the developed world. This is why we came up with an initiative to enable them to reach their potential,” Clementina said.

She stated that the training will help deepen knowledge about transportation and cars by helping prepare a new generation of engineers, designers and innovators.

Also speaking, Program Assistant, STEMCafe, Dai Omunastated that the organization was partnering with inDrive in an initiative to move children by implementing a STEM-based program focused on the future of transportation.

According to Omuna, the training session will provide children with the opportunity to learn concepts such as design thinking, visualization, and work with microcontrollers and sensors needed to create, for example, a driverless car or a blue tooth control boat.

The list of nonprofits that participated in the session include the Amazing Grace, the Precious Jasper Foundation, and the Mayzer Memorial Foundation.

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