Imagination can go wild with 3D-printed homes from Richardson-based MRB Robotics

Imagination can go wild with 3D-printed homes from Richardson-based MRB Robotics

This home was built using a 3D concrete printer in the Cedar Cove subdivision in Mabank.

Do you want a house in the shape of a four-leaf clover with a stem as an entrance?

This is a specific and perhaps unusual dream, but Richardson-based My Robot Builds Robotics can make it happen, by flinging concrete walls out of a 3D printer like a soft ice cream machine.

Company President Craig Pettit Invest in real estate Since 1977. He was about to get his degree in computer science from UT Dallas to work with a home building project when a friend emailed about 3D printing concrete house.

Pettit was intrigued.

“This technology represents new levels of freedom for the average homeowner to design homes that were not possible before,” Pettit said. Candice “So far, home building and architecture have largely remained the same for centuries. Only the wealthy can provide ingenious and unique designs. Now, one’s imagination is the only limitation. The cost of printing completely unique designs versus traditional square structures is simply not great at programming, materials, or labor.”

MRB Robotics builds near Lake Cedar Creek

Now with the first 3D-printed home in nearby North Texas Cedar Creek Lake In the Cedar Cove subdivision in Mabank, MRB Robotics Living the American Small Business dream of self-financing great innovation.

“Our company owns a printer that is likely to be one of the first three printers in the country that has printed a home that someone is currently living in,” Pettit said. “Other printer manufacturers have been very well funded. We have done it with our own money. It pays tribute to the competitiveness of the young entrepreneurs in this field. The innovations will be amazing in the very near future because these small companies have the ability to compete. essential to creating a ‘factory on wheels’ that small businesses can afford.”

It was Mabank’s concrete house appeared last month by Dallas Builders Association.

“With the unbridled ride we’ve been having with sawn timber prices and labor shortages that will continue for the foreseeable future, there is every incentive in the world for such technology to emerge,” said the CEO of the Dallas Builders Association. phil krone. “This home may provide a glimpse of what is to come for housing, especially if technology can continue to advance in a way that it can handle the complexity and complexity of modern building plans.”

What is a 3D printed house?

A 3D printed house is “a really weird phrase because all homes are [three-dimensional]Pettit explained.

The term is used to refer to homes built at MRB Robotics due to the use of a 3D concrete printer. It’s a large machine that uses computers, hardware, software, wires, motors, and pumps, which, when working together, allows the walls of a home or building to be created in new and unique ways, Pettit said.

“It’s actually not very different from the desktop models that kids and hobbyists use, except that it’s bulky and emits concrete all the way to the floor plan,” Pettit said. “It adds layer upon layer until the walls reach the desired height.”

The house can be built in the form of a sports emblem, an anchor, an airplane, or the state of Texas.

Pettit explained that while the walls are printed by machine, the ceiling, cabinets, plumbing, electrical, doors and windows are built in the traditional way.

fantasy gone

This Cedar Creek Lake home is approximately 1,250 square feet with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. The floor plan includes a large open plan kitchen, dining and living area with 9-foot ceilings—and concrete walls inside and out—you guessed it.

The homes are resistant to wind, fire, termites, mold, and even bullets, and are designed for increased strength and energy efficiency. It takes about the same amount of time to build a standard lane-like home unless special features such as curved walls, circular bathrooms, and art-like shapes jutting out from the walls are incorporated. In this case, 3D concrete printing is much faster than conventional construction, Pettit said.

“Once all the normal building materials are completed, the machine and materials are brought to the construction site and assembled, and printing can begin,” he said.

The cost per square foot is also similar to the cost of a traditional home of the same size.

“The next house we build will be a little less and should continue to improve as subcontractors and sellers begin to understand how to work with concrete walls,” Pettit said.

What’s Next For 3D houses?

Are concrete-printed walls the wave of the future? Probably, but not for the foreseeable future, Pettit said.

“Like all technology, adoption starts out slow, then it explodes,” he said. “Robots will get cheaper, faster and better.”

In addition to the home on Cedar Creek Lake, MRB Robotics is printing a 14-unit self-storage facility in Mabank. The 1,750-square-foot building features a 25-foot-tall S-curved wall with stripes.

“The same robot could be used for single-family homes, retail, garages, or a host of other structural applications,” Pettit said.

The company’s plans for 2023 include acquiring residential plots and acreage in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

“We will continue to push the boundaries of architectural and structural capabilities as technology improves,” Pettit said. “We appoint some strategic construction partners to help create products and efficiencies in the installation of other components of the home.”

Explain that the most motivating component of building with a 3D concrete printer is not the cost or time, but the opportunity to be creative.

“This signifies a revolution in entrepreneurship in the American dream,” he said. “My grandson is printing games using his desktop 3D printer. Soon, anyone will be able to rent a machine and can print their own home. You will see house after house where people have been set free to unleash their imaginations.”

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