I'm DIY and converted a tired old bed for just £45 - looks great, you won't believe it's not exactly new

I’m DIY and converted a tired old bed for just £45 – looks great, you won’t believe it’s not exactly new

If your bed looks filthy and needs refurbishment, you’ve come to the right place.

With the cost of living crisis putting a huge strain on many people’s wallets, if you don’t have any spare cash lying around for a new bed, fear not, we’ve got you covered.


DIY whiz took to social media to reveal how she transformed a tired old bed for just £45.Credit: TIKTOK
Geneva Vanderzel gave her brother's tired old bed a much-needed makeover


Geneva Vanderzel gave her brother’s tired old bed a much-needed makeoverCredit: TIKTOK
We think the bed looks great and can't believe it's not brand new


We think the bed looks great and can’t believe it’s not brand newCredit: TIKTOK

one DIY fan, Geneva VanderzielShe took to TikTok to view her latest projects.

DIY whiz has 550K followers and 7.5 million likes on the video sharing platform.

Geneva is “always making something” and has decided to refurbish her brother’s old bed with some bouquet materials.

She uploaded her video with the caption “Bed Upholstery”.

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Geneva said: “What do you do when you have an old, old bed, which is perfectly comfortable, but just needs a renovation?

“I’ve seen a lot of these upholstered and dated beds—this is my siblings and I give them a glow.”

TikTok user shows off the tired old bed and it’s safe to say, it’s in dire need of a renovation.

She explained, “The first thing I would do is remove the legs.

“The next thing I’m going to do is lay out this bouquet and cut it to size.

“I feel with Buckle, you either love him or you hate him.

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“I had already thought about using flax for this, but decided that the bouquet would be easier to implement and it was on sale.

“The most important thing is to keep the fabric really taut, so that it has a nice look.

“With most beds, I can hide essentials inside or behind the bed frame.

“On the front side, where you can see the joint, I actually sewed the edge.

“After I did this, I tested out some basic materials and realized that they looked exactly the same.

“The next thing I did was cut the screws so I could put the bed back together.

“After adding the bouquet, I realized that the original footing wouldn’t look as good.

“I noticed some rubbing marks and realized it might have been wood, so I decided to give them sand – they actually looked a lot better.

“The last step was to put the bed back together and then design it just for fun with some nice new sheets.

“And there you are – my recycled and upholstered bed.

It looks very comfortable and costs $50 [£46]”.

Geneva shows off the finished bed and we are amazed – not only does it look great, we can’t believe how cheap and easy it is to do either.

Obviously, the Geneva video has impressed many, as it quickly garnered 529.4 thousand views in just two days.

It has 51.5 thousand likes, 143 comments and 273 shares.

Many people were amazed at this transformation and flocked to the comments to express it.

Someone said, “Great idea!”

Another added, “I love this so much!! You inspired me to do the same with my old bed.”

A third commented, “This is a great way to recycle and reuse!”

Someone else remarked: “The fact that I was just given a bed like this for free, and I could have added buckle fabric..a junior mistake on my part.”

However, many social media users pointed out that Geneva should have washed the old bed before covering it with new bouquet fabric.

“I feel like the old upholstery should have been cleaned first due to the amount of potential color and stains,” one TikTok user commented.

And another agreed: “Well, you probably should have removed the old, moldy cover before.”

A third said, “Why didn’t you clean it?”

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