I use my dad's paintbrush cleaning tips for every DIY project

I use my dad’s paintbrush cleaning tips for every DIY project

There’s nothing I love more than a good DIY project, whether it’s flipping furniture I found at a yard sale or decorating my bedroom with a fresh touch of paint. The only part I dread is the cleaning. Somehow, I always make a mess that might give a young kid a chance to get their money back. That was the case, until my dad taught me his best cleaning tricks.

Like many people in their twenties, I recently found myself at home with my family among rental properties. One Sunday afternoon, my dad put me to work sanding and refinishing the front door. I’m happy to say I know my way around a paintbrush and a can of paint, but my dad seemed horrified when at the end of a weekend project, I simply shoved my paintbrushes into a jar of mineral spirits.

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