How to do a DIY Halloween costume

How to make your own Halloween costume – Minnesota Daily

UMN design students and Halloween enthusiasts offer tips on how to put together an eye-catching DIY costume.

College students love to procrastinate, and Halloween is no exception. A&E reached out to design students at the University of Minnesota and local Halloween fans to get some last-minute Halloween costume inspiration.

Choose a character or idea

Claire Locker, a fourth-year student majoring in theater arts with a focus on costume design, recommends starting the process by looking at what you already have.

“If you’re kind of defensive and it’s the last minute, I think starting from your wardrobe is a great way to do that,” Looker said.

Toni Anthony, a third-year student of clothing design, said she usually brainstorms ideas by looking for inspiration in the movies and TV shows she’s enjoyed throughout the year.

Anthony also described it as an opportunity to venture into fashion tastes.

“I take Halloween as an excuse to get out of my comfort zone and wear something I like to wear on a regular basis but never had the confidence to do,” Anthony said.

Grace Rubas, a third-year graphic design student with a minor in clothing design, recommends looking to social media for inspiration.

“I’ve been looking at Pinterest, and you don’t have to be limited to looking for Halloween costumes,” said Robas. “Sometimes I look at fashion and other things in the media. Just think about the things that interest you and go from there.”

Knowing the repetition of the character or idea

Sarah McKee, a Minneapolis real estate agent and Halloween enthusiast, said social media can be a great source of inspiration.

“Scroll on Instagram, scroll on TikTok, and see what other people are doing, especially when I already have an idea,” Mackie said. “It’s good to see how others have implemented it and kind of gather different inspirations from people who have done similar things.”

making outfit

Mckee said she likes to save or use clothing rental services for Halloween costumes.

“I really like being able to use real clothes instead of pre-purchased costumes because they tend to be cheap looking, uncomfortable and inappropriate,” McKee said. “I’ve used Rent the Runway for a lot of costumes, and second hand clothes are obviously really great for this.”

Serita Colette, a Minneapolis-based yoga teacher and business consultant with a love of the Halloween costume industry, begins by checking out online materials and tutorials.

“What materials do I have that I can reuse?” Colette said. “I like YouTube for its easy accessibility. For example, if you want to make a robe, when you type ‘how to make a robe’ there will be about 10 different videos.”

Mckee and Collette are very adept at making costumes, using tools like hot glue, fabrics, and blown paint, but everyone can choose their own level of effort and difficulty.

“If you want to keep it simple, great. It doesn’t have to be mind-boggling and challenging,” said Colette.

Procrastinators in less crafty Halloween costumes should focus on choosing the character’s memorable details to include and lessening worry about the rest of the costume. Find the most visible side of this outfit, and then work from there.

“Allow yourself to be okay with trial and error or make mistakes. I always make mistakes with my Halloween costumes. I see it as an opportunity to learn how to do it differently,” Colette said. “Enjoy it. Halloween is supposed to be a fun time.” .

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