His Highness Sheikh Hamdan launches the Dubai Robotics and Automation Program

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan launches the Dubai Robotics and Automation Program

The development of the sector will support the diversification of Dubai’s future economy

His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dubai Future Foundation, launched the Dubai Robotics and Automation Program. The program aims to promote the development, testing and adoption of robotics and automation (R&A), and accelerate the use of its applications in key economic sectors.

The Dubai Robotics and Automation Program aims to increase the sector’s contribution to Dubai’s GDP to 9% within 10 years. “We seek to make Dubai one of the top 10 cities in the world in the field of research and development by adopting and developing advanced robotics technologies, empowering national talent, and generating new and innovative solutions, products and services,” Sheikh Hamdan said.

The program was launched during Sheikh Hamdan’s visit to Dubai Future Laboratories, an applied research and development facility specializing in robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). A statement issued by the Dubai Media Office said that the new initiative will enhance Dubai’s regional and global leadership and enhance its reputation as a city with the highest levels of readiness in the world to adopt future technologies.

In November 2021, Guinness World Records awarded Dubai Electricity and Water Authority to establish the world’s first 3D printing laboratory.

The programme, led by the Dubai Future Foundation, will include five major initiatives and will focus on accelerating research and development in five areas. As part of the programme, 200,000 robots will be provided over the next 10 years to increase efficiency and productivity in various sectors including services, logistics and the industrial sector, and enhance the competitiveness of Dubai’s economy.

The Dubai Research and Development Program rests on three pillars – governance, support for research and development, and adoption and use of technologies. As part of the governance pillar, the program seeks to develop structural supportive mechanisms to build and maintain an optimal environment for R&D development, institutionalize collaboration between R&A developers, create an enabling regulatory and legal environment, formulate standards and create a comprehensive knowledge base.

As part of the second pillar, the program will seek to support scientific research and development, increase the allocation of funding in key areas, increase the participation of local talent, and increase the pool of professionals dedicated to research and development in robotics and automation. Within the third pillar, the program will help industries adopt and use technologies, reduce the cost of adoption of robots, institutionalize investment cooperation in research and development, support the integration of research and development systems, ensure public acceptance of new technologies, and enhance the diffusion rates of robotics technology.

In July 2022, Paul Wallet, Regional Director of Trimble Solutions, Middle East and India, told Middle East Construction News (MECN) that artificial intelligence in construction will save lives.

Sheikh Hamdan noted that Dubai’s advanced infrastructure and talented workforce give it many competitive strengths in this fast-growing global industry. The emirate will focus on developing research and development in five main areas: production and manufacturing. Consumer and tourism services. Healthcare, connected mobility and logistics. He added that the main objective of the program is to achieve the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai into a global destination for innovation in research and development applications. The development of the sector will support the diversification of Dubai’s future economy and help build an integrated knowledge base that can contribute to creating new economic opportunities and improving the quality of life.

After the program was announced, Sheikh Hamdan directed the allocation of laboratories to develop research and development technologies, support research, testing, development, experimentation and integration activities, provide a supportive platform for collaborative projects, create prototypes, and engage the public in an innovative product. expertise.

His Highness stressed the importance of providing local talent and emerging companies with advanced tools and skills that are expected to be in great demand in the future, and developing training programs in cooperation with government and private agencies, universities and research and development centers locally and globally.

Later in July 2022, Ibrahim Imam, co-founder and co-CEO of the group and CEO of the Middle East, North Africa and Asia Pacific region at PlanRadar, told MECN that robotics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things can change the construction business model and make the project completion process more efficient. .

He also called on government agencies in Dubai and the private sector to enhance cooperation with local and international research and academic institutions to develop a regulatory and legal environment that supports the growth of R&A in Dubai, and to establish a comprehensive local knowledge base for technical standards and specifications. and advanced technologies. In addition, he encouraged the strengthening of partnerships with national and international universities to support talent development, promote practical research, and find innovative solutions to improve the competitiveness of the national economy.

All initiatives to be organized and launched as part of the program will be overseen by the Dubai Council for Robotics and Automation, which is made up of representatives from the public and private sectors and academia. The statement concluded that the implementation of the Dubai Research and Development Program supports the development of various vital and future sectors in Dubai, including transportation, space, health care, education, artificial intelligence and others.

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