BIRMINGHAM, UK, Oct 09, 2022 (The Globe Newswire) – WINIT, a China-based cross-border e-commerce storage operator, has added 100 HAI . robotics robots to its facilities in the UK and have improved their workflow efficiencies 3-4 times compared to their previous manual processes, compressed storage 60% intensity, 50% increased picking efficiency, and on-time order delivery mastery close to 100%.

WINIT Challenge:

WINIT is a Shanghai-based company providing complete warehousing and logistics solutions for cross-border e-commerce serving the United States, Australia and many European countries. The total size of its warehouses around the world exceeds 399,000 square meters (over 4,300,000 square feet). In the UK alone, WINIT operates 3 warehouses with a total area of ​​51,000 square meters (over 164,000 square feet).

The UK facility in Tamworth, Staffordshire, a town near Birmingham in the central UK, has faced increasing challenges as the demand for global warehousing services has skyrocketed due to the growth of the cross-border e-commerce business in the past two years. Statistics show that in 2021, China’s cross-border trade volume reached 1.98 trillion yuan (about 283.37 billion dollars), an increase of 15% compared to the previous year, and this volume is expected to reach 2.5 trillion yuan (about 357.66 billion dollars). ) by 2025, according to figures released by China last year.

WINIT also needed to meet the challenges of managing a large number of SKUs which increased the need for warehouse storage density and order picking efficiency. To successfully address this, in 2021 WINIT turned to HAI ROBOTICS to automate order fulfillment center operations.

Workflow solution:

HAI ROBOTICS, the industry leader and leader in robotic system selection (ACR), has created and implemented an automated solution for WINIT that has increased storage density, automated material handling workflows for maximum efficiency, and optimized storage volume.

100 robots have been deployed to WINIT’s Tamworth warehouse in the UK. Powered by artificial intelligence algorithms, these tall, autonomous robots move seamlessly through a 10,000 square meter (about 108,000 square foot) facility, hauling merchandise to workstations where operators pick and sort merchandise with maximum efficiency.

HAI . robotics

This solution included not only deploying 100 HAIPICK A42 robots, but 16 workstations on the bus to pick orders that were engineered for operators to meet demands more accurately, with more speed, and with less effort.

With the help of the robots, Becky, the warehouse worker, said she can stay at the workstation and wait for the robots to pick up the goods and carry them back and forth to their work station. You no longer walk thousands of steps inside to pick orders.

“Getting goods now is like having something handy. [The robots] Make my work much easier. Now I don’t need to move and bend my waist. Everything is easy.

This automated solution allowed the facility to increase average worker efficiency rates to 450 cases/hour and increase the daily handling volume to 50,000 pieces. The efficiency rate of goods handling for the warehouse has been improved 3-4 times compared to the previous manual processes and the efficiency rate of picking operators who fulfill orders has increased by 50%.

Inbound Team Leader Christopher, who has over 12 years of experience, stated, “With the automated system we have zero errors at the moment, there are clear instructions for every action and when we choose the wrong items, the system blocks them. And there is an easy process to handle when something unusual happens.” The system saves a lot of manual efforts.”

HAI . robotics

Storage Density:

In addition to the efficiency improvements, HAI ROBOTICS’s ACR solution improved the storage density of the UK WINIT facility by 60%, increasing storage capacity to 120,000 storage locations. This allows the facility to effectively store and manage more than 100,000 SKUs within the facility they already own.


Since the launch of HAI ROBOTICS’ automated robotic solution, WINIT has seen a significant rise in the productivity of its facilities and has been able to manage the increased fulfillment orders resulting from the online shopping boom over the past two years. With the help of HAI ROBOTICS, the overall service and operation of WINIT have not been significantly affected despite the turmoil in the global supply chain since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In 2021, when the pandemic was still in full swing and online demand was reaching unprecedented rates, this period demonstrated the critical value of a flexible and automated storage solution that could be rapidly deployed. WINIT, which has not found shortcuts to improve the workflow of its facilities, has found HAI ROBOTICS to be the perfect solution to provide high storage density, superior cargo handling accuracy and operational efficiency that provides easy flexibility to adapt to changes in demand.

Bob, Warehouse General Manager at WINIT’s Tamworth facility, said: “These intelligent robots have met our expectations well, and we have chosen HAI ROBOTICS as our supplier of autonomous robots among many others because it is one of the early developers. Its system has better stability than that of others, And their staff are professionals. Therefore, we chose them.”

Mitigating work problems:

The labor shortage in the UK is especially evident now. Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic have had serious consequences for the warehousing and logistics sector. Seasoned employees leave and new ones are hard to fill. As a result, our labor cost has gone up as well,” stated Bob, General Manager of WINIT Warehouse.

And he is not alone. Almost all warehousing facilities have difficulties recruiting and maintaining staff in a slow job market, and the average consumer expects faster and accurate deliveries when ordering online. HAI ROBOTICS’ automated robotic solution increased the capacity of each individual WINIT operator by increasing picking efficiency by 50% and improving workflow efficiency by 3-4 times. The automated solution allowed operators to operate faster with less manual labor. These robotic solutions allow warehouse employees to focus on the most valuable, complex, or strategic tasks as well as improving skills.

Due to increased productivity from every single employee, HAI ROBOTICS solutions provide the ability to achieve significant reduction in labor costs and relieve pain caused by labor shortage.

HAI . robotics

Companies realize the high value of automation and robotics. Automation is already an important industry, accounting for more than $10 billion in annual global spending. According to ABI Research, it is estimated that there will be about 50,000 robotic warehouses by 2025 with more than 4 million robotic facilities worldwide.

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