Hackster Art Month - Hackster.io

Hackster Art Month – Hackster.io

Throughout the month of November, we are committed to showing the creativity and imagination of developers. We’ll highlight the latest news on technical trends, initiatives and community activities that enable developers to craft unique projects. We will also be conducting interviews with hardware artistsWho created technical hardware projects, including 3D printed music videosAnd the Magnetic tape echoesand Voice interactive thorax on both Hackster Café And our virtual encounter, “Hangout & Nerdout”, hosted with Make:.

Invitation to participate in projects

Art is a broad subject that includes paintings, sculptures, literature, architecture, film, music, and theatre. Open source projects can be applied to any of these art forms in an unlimited number of ways – as small as they can be worn or scaled into large gallery sculptures. At Hackster, we’ve seen this spectrum of creativity, starting with Wall painter creates amazing artworkto me Mechanical tulip that changes coloreven possessed image. Make sure to put your ingenuity to the test and share your art project on Hackster using any of the following tags:

Remember to promote your projects on social media and use #hacksterio or tag our hacksterio handle FacebookAnd the InstagramAnd the LinkedInAnd the Twitter. We’ll share any art projects you submit, so post them often and feature your work to the global hardware development community.

Watch Hackster Café with Creative Minds

Hackster Café is a live stream series with Alex Glow every Tuesday at 10am PST. To join the live broadcast and ask questions, subscribe to Hackster’s Youtube Channel You will be notified when the link is active.

brush makes

Prash is a talented creator known for his 3D printed music videos where the lyrics are engraved into 3D models to match a song in the background while the 3D model changes and morphs during his videos. He has an incredible influence in this field, with more than 16 thousand followers on TikTok who have amassed nearly a million likes across his various videos.

Watch our live interview with Prash Makes from October 25th.

Adam Paul(11/1)

Adam is the lead singer of the band Cambrdige indifferent drive and create Janky Tape Echo, Open source DIY tape echo effect for guitars, vocals and synthesizers. Cassette heads and magnetic strips create warm, crunchy and juicy echoes for unique sound effects. The parts are readily available and the project is digitally powered by an Arduino Nano board, making it available for any developers to recreate and add new designs.

Michael Sharer (11/8)

Michelle is a software engineer with a passion for combining her creativity and development skills to build unique projects. One of these is Voice interactive thorax Hand-carved from wood with a heart of LED lights. The lights can interact with the music to give a beautiful light show.

We’ve had a lot of beautifully talented techies at Hackster Café in the past. To feel fully inspired, explore hackster.io/videos Or check out some of our previous episodes below:

🎙 Two Bit Circus // Hackster Café

Founders Eric Gradman and Brent Bushnell offer a behind-the-scenes look at Los Angeles’ indoor theme park with virtual reality, story rooms, arcade games, and custom gadgets, as well as home to many of the nonprofit endeavors that support STEAM education.

🎙 Nick Poole // Hackster Café

Nick, who creates 3D circuit board art, has built amazing costume props, and enriched the SparkFun team for many years as an innovative technologist and R&D engineer at SparkX.

🎙 Garrett Mace, MaceTech // Hackster Café

We sit down with Garrett, the “jack of all trades” who specializes in stunning LED shades—worn by celebrities including Muse, Sir Mix-A-Lot, and maker icon Tenaya Hurst.

🎙 Sophy Wong, Designer // Hackster Café

Sophy Wong creates dazzling tech, wearable functionality and more, and is a contributing writer for Adafruit Magazine and HackSpace (check out her new book!). Learn how design background affected her work with Mythbusters Jr. and beyond

🎙 CW&T in Time and Technology // Hackster Café

Che-Wei Wang and Taylor Levy form CW&T, a design house that brings precision and grace to their tech (and non-tech) products. Many of these beautiful things help us give shape and intuitive meaning to the passage of time.

^ Step Tranovich’s Robot Metal Band // Hackster Café

Step, aka Satyra, also known as “the heavy metal robot Overordddd,” has created a variety of robotic bandmates, including a self-playing guitar and drum kit.

🎙 The glass look, presented by Alex Hornstein // Hackster Café

Great chat with Alex Hornstein of Looking Glass Factory, creators of the world’s first 3D desktop display! In it, we discuss the future of telepresence and 3D modeling…and get excited about light fields, lenses, and interactive, squishy 3D objects.

Read the latest news about technical hardware projects

Unleash your creativity this month by reading our recent articles on technical hardware and technology projects at hackster.io/news. Here’s a little coverage to get you started:

Join the November Hangout and Nerdout with Make:

Join Alex Glow, Jinger Zeng, and David Groom on November 18! This curated monthly series will showcase three guest members and their work, then open up a larger audience to join the conversation and ask their pressing questions. Each episode represents the mission of both organizations to support the display of innovative technology and education. Register here!

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