Flow Robotics launches HEPA filter for Popsicle robot

Flow Robotics launches HEPA filter for Popsicle robot

Flow Robotics has released a HEPA filter for its sucker robot, flowbot® ONE. This will increase hygiene and prevent contamination in life science laboratories.

The HEPA filter on the flowbot® ONE cleans 99.995% of 0.3µm particles and is designed to be as simple and effective as possible”

– CTO Kjetil Kræmer, Flow Robotics

Copenhagen, Denmark, 25 October 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – All over the world, researchers and scientists are developing new technologies and conducting innovative and ground-breaking research. For best results, it is essential to protect their experiments and samples from contamination.

This is why Danish robotics company, Flow Robotics, made a sample-pulling robot, flow® ONE, available with HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter is ideal when working with sensitive samples. Provides effective air replacement in all laboratory operations and filters dust, bacteria, viruses and other airborne particles from the incoming air flow. This will create an ideal sampling environment and protect sensitive materials.

HEPA filter is on flow® One It cleans 99.995% of 0.3 µm particles and is designed to be as simple and effective as possible,” says Kjetil Kræmer, CTO of Flow Robotics.

The filter is designed for use in a normal dry indoor laboratory environment. Simply press the button and set the desired air flow velocity up to 0.5 m/s.

For optimum hygiene, Flobot® Also available with ONE with UV light Efficiently disinfects the robot after use and between runs.

“Together, the features will ensure that laboratories perform at their absolute best, and that contamination becomes a thing of the past,” explains Kjetil Kræmer, CTO Kjetil Kræmer.

flow® ONE remains a ready-to-use and easy-to-use solution. In line with its overall ambition to be the most flexible automation solution on the market, the HEPA filter and UV light are optional add-ons – allowing laboratories to choose the solution that best suits their needs.

About Flow Robotics
Flow Robotics A/S is a Danish robotics company, founded in 2015, which is experiencing strong growth internationally with its pipette robot, flowbot® One.
The technology behind flowbot® The ONE system enables easy-to-use and affordable laboratory automation for various sampling tasks. The mission is clear: to make automation technology accessible to laboratories of all shapes and sizes by breaking down technology barriers – always looking for solutions to improve workflow.
with flowbot® ONE There is no need for advanced programming, extensive training, or a long implementation period. It is a flexible, ready-to-use automation solution with easy-to-use software that can be accessed in any browser.

website: www.flow-robotics.com

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