floLIVE and Baicells launched the first DIY private 5G network

floLIVE and Baicells launched the first DIY private 5G network

The first DIY private 5G network

Deliver a mobile private network that is ready to better serve the local and global environments of IoT and Industry 4.0

Private cell phone and 5G are well suited for these establishments. Providing flexible solutions is fundamental to growing the compact base. Our RAN platforms and floLIVE solution are a win-win for businesses.”

– Tony Eggen, Vice President of Marketing at Baicells

London, United Kingdom, September 29, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – flo livethe creator of the first and largest global local area network and provider of cloud-native 5G network solutions, and BicellsToday, the leading provider of LTE and 5G cellular wireless access networks (RAN) for indoor and outdoor networks announced the launch of a new private 5G network for Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things use cases. The turnkey solution includes a mobile core network, RAN elements and SIM cards backed by a unified management layer.

The new offering can be easily deployed on premises, hosted from the cloud, or even in a hybrid configuration. It is designed to be deployed by an enterprise IT organization without the need for professional system integrators, providing organizations of all types with operational simplicity, improved economy, and faster time to service.

With this new approach, organizations can quickly start rolling out a solution with a cloud-based service, which can later move to an on-premises or hybrid solution as needed to meet on-premises functionality such as enhanced security, reduced latency, or even off-campus external roaming.

Recent industrial innovations that have enabled new and affordable cellular spectrum models such as CBRS in the US, Lokale Netze in Germany, and unlicensed spectrum bands in the UK offer a range of new use cases that were not possible with legacy solutions. Having already seen such immediate benefits of these models, similar initiatives by the governments of Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Sweden and the Netherlands, are well under way.

To speed up the deployment process, mobile private network elements come pre-configured. Whether hosted from the cloud, or as a “network in a box,” this unified, automated web-based management application provides a single pane of glass to configure, operate, and manage your network without having to bring in new support staff or invest heavily in new training.

Cellular range is no longer the exclusive domain of large mobile network operators, but now organizations of all types and sizes can benefit from a highly customized solution that supports a variety of use cases and provides a seamless introduction to the promise of 5G.

“We are excited to launch this new offering with a leading RAN provider such as Baicells,” says Asaf Gigi, Vice President of Marketing at floLIVE. “We have learned that many private 5G deployments fail because of the highly experienced personnel required to deploy, configure and operate them. With our new approach, we are simplifying all aspects of ordering, deploying, operating, and scaling, making it highly attractive to our enterprise customers.”

The new private network’s offering is not limited to campuses and enclosed surroundings. The growing need to seamlessly and securely connect devices off campus aligns well with the floLIVE network model. FloLIVE can provide broadband connectivity through its set of global roaming relationships with multiple mobile network operators.

Businesses benefit not only from the privacy, security, and performance of their own network, but also from seamless delivery between private and public networks that ensure their devices are connected at all times. A very attractive offer for specific sectors such as logistics, manufacturing and ports where a large number of devices need to be tracked over long distances in real time. And it’s all fully managed and delivered by one SIM from one provider, via one web portal with one bill at the end of the month. Simple and easy.

“Private cell phone and 5G are a great fit for these organizations and we are just in the early stages of outreach and deployment. Delivering flexible solutions that are simple and familiar to those in the IT environment is an essential step for embedded vision to grow the base. Contributing to industry-leading RAN platforms Our floLIVE solution is a win-win for these types of organizations.” Tony Eggen, Vice President of Marketing at Baicells.

floLIVE and Baicells will be participating in the Mobile World Congress Industry event from September 28-30 in Las Vegas. If you’re attending the show, stop by to meet with the experts to learn more, and talk about use cases and current projects.

About floLIVE
floLIVE operates the first and largest super-fast local data network of its kind!
With a global carrier library based on a suite of interconnected local mobile backbones, we deliver centrally managed local connectivity to any device, anywhere. Global means no restrictions on where you do business; Local means low latency, high performance and complete compliance. Our network is designed to comply with the emergence of privacy laws, data regulations and roaming restrictions. Best of all, we provide direct access to our network, allowing you to control your connection as if you were the carrier. Monitor your devices, access real-time network events and usage, switch remote triggers, and troubleshoot early, so your devices don’t miss a thing. For more information visit www.flolive.net

Baicells is a global technology company providing 4G and 5G network solutions in new economics for service providers, businesses and communities. With commercial presence in more than 50 countries, offices on five continents, and innovative engineering that has been awarded 300 patents, Baicells has established itself as a technology leader. Baicells currently has more than 700 private LTE deployments, including a large presence across North America. Baicells innovations help connect the unconnected. For more information visit: www.baicells.com.

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