Expand the arm of (E3) NGAGE Partnership Networks in Africa

Expand the arm of (E3) NGAGE Partnership Networks in Africa

Nicoli Kurbanali, CEO of mLab, “Bridging the skills gap, and developing this standard of digital talent is what mLab wants to provide in the South African economy,

New partnership with mLab aims to boost digital skills development among South African youth

Partnering with mLab allows our ecosystem partners to contribute significantly to the digital skills revolution in South Africa by providing access to cutting-edge technologies. “

– Stephen Osogbo

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 20 September 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ – High youth unemployment, multiplied by a lack of access to digital skills and resources, are some of the major challenges that must be addressed to close the inequality gap in South Africa. Education-based technologies play a vital role in leveling the economic playing field, facilitating better access to training tools and curricula and, ultimately, providing access to jobs.

The new partnership between Arm (E3) NGAGE and Mobile Application Laboratory (mLab) in South Africa aims to enhance the local skills development landscape by enhancing access to hardware, software, digital tools and training opportunities.

The partnership was announced on September 19, 2022 at the AI ​​Expo Africa event, hosted by the Sandton Convention Center. AI Expo Africa is the largest business-focused Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) trade event, and the 4IR trade event in Africa, bringing together thousands of buyers, suppliers and innovators across the region.

The announcement of the partnership attracted the interest of various practitioners in the ICT sector. As part of the signing ceremony, Stephen Ozuigbo, Senior Director of Emerging Economics at Arm, stated that the partnership with mLab enables Arm (E3) NGAGE and our ecosystem partners to make a significant contribution to the digital skills revolution in South Africa by providing access to the latest technologies that will accelerate South Africa Advances in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).” He continued, “Learners across different age groups and abilities will have the opportunity to experience arm-based tools and resources that can enhance their interest in STEM-based learning while developing their career paths in economics. digital.” These resources include various forms of hardware and learning kits from Arm partners such as Arduino and Microbit. Arm’s rich ecosystem of partners provides an impressive suite of world-class educational technology tools that are both low-power, energy-efficient and uniquely designed to support learners at every level. levels.

Nicoli Kurbanali, CEO of mLab, noted that “When the potential for owning, building and testing technology can be realized at an early age, it can spark creative thinking, an entrepreneurial mindset, and the drive to build innovative solutions that can solve local challenges. Bridging the skills gap, developing this level of Digital talent is what mLab wants to provide in the South African economy,” she says.

The partnership will primarily benefit from mLab’s ecosystem acceleration offerings focused on building a pipeline of digital talent for their skills and startup accelerators. Ecosystem activities include short 4IR training, digital literacy, school robotics and coding workshops among other programmes. In addition to providing mLab participants with training kits, laptops and software licenses, the agreement with Arm (E3) NGAGE also seeks to provide access to international initiatives for talented local youth and establish a technology hub with mobile digital labs (Lab in a Box) that will be able to Serving remote sites and communities. With over ten years of experience making an impact, mLab is known for its strong focus on empowering youth, women, and previously underserved communities. This partnership supports this endeavor by promoting an enabling learning and development environment for South African youth.

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