Elephant Robotics is committed to providing customized services to meet customer needs

Elephant Robotics is committed to providing customized services to meet customer needs

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To provide more and better services to customers, Elephant Robotics provides customized services to meet the needs of customers in various fields.

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, November 2, 2022/EINPresswire.com/ – Founded in 2016, elephant robots Is a technology company specializing in the design and production of robots, development and applications of operating systems and intelligent manufacturing services in industry, commerce, education, scientific research, home etc. To meet the expectations of users from more than 50 countries in the world and let everyone enjoy the world of robotics, Elephant Robotics gets more and more achievements In product research and development ability and manufacturing capacity. To provide more and better services to customers, Elephant Robotics provides customized services to meet the needs of customers in various fields.

Elephant Robotics has not only been committed to the research, development, manufacturing and production of collaborative robots, such as myCobot, mechArm, myPalletizer and myAGV, but also introduced robots to commerce and industry such as P series and C series. With the rapid development of technology, robots are more widely used in many fields. The requirements for robots are also increasing, especially in commercial use. Many industries are seeking to use robots to replace human labor, and many laboratories have higher requirements for robots to complete certain tasks under harsh experimental conditions, and these requirements vary from case to case and require installation and operation according to site conditions to achieve the desired purpose. That’s why Elephant Robotics launched the service for commercial industry partners. Team members believe they can help industries provide more solutions with customized products.

Six demos of the custom robot are displayed on the official Elephant Robotics page. This section discusses three cases including the automated coffee maker, the painter, and the conductor myCobot Pro 600 And the katbot.

Automatic coffee machine saves labor costs with high efficiency
Coffee is one of the popular drinks as a breakfast for many people, and caffeine keeps people energetic during the day. But for many shops in the coffee industry, they need to pay very high salaries to the barista. They hope to get a robot to replace humans as a barista, which can save labor costs. The myCobot Pro 600 from Elephant Robotics is the ultimate coffee maker solution.

With the Raspberry Pi built in, the myCobot Pro 600 can be easily programmed to finish many tasks, such as taking the cup and operating the coffee machine. The all-in-one design makes the robot cover an area of ​​only two square meters so that it can be placed on the desktop. Accurate dynamic model-based collision detection function enables myCobot to be safer when operating. Combined with the pillow ordering system, myCobot Pro 600 can achieve customer self-service.

The robot painter implements artificial intelligence technology and human-robot interaction
To popularize artificial intelligence technology, more and more robotic and technical exhibitions are being held all over the world. There is no doubt that the drawing robot, the myCobot Pro 600 from Elephant Robotics, perfectly combines science, technology and art. Users can import an image into the robot system, and artificial intelligence technology helps the robot to recognize the path of the image and drawing using image processing technology. The rapid image recognition function effectively improves the work efficiency and accuracy of the robot. This project is also a perfect case to show the interaction between human and robot.

Moreover, with the support of the wireless network, people can connect the robot to a mobile phone and transmit the image to the robot directly.

Delivery Robot with Bulletin Algorithms is the perfect solution for many commercial industries
With the gradual maturation of SLAM and radar and the integration of other multi-sensor technologies, mobile robots such as AGV and AMR are now prevalent in service areas such as food delivery, parcel delivery, hospital delivery and room service. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for different types of service robots, such as contactless delivery and disinfection, and temperature measurement, has started to rise. But for many organizations, especially logistics companies, they need a robot that can not only accomplish the task of delivery, but also finish the production work. Therefore, Elephant Robotics has combined a Catbot robotic arm with a robotic guided vehicle to become a composite robot. Using built-in algorithms, the robot can perform automatic identification and capture, then intelligently select delivery locations based on order information and quickly send packages to specific locations via optimal paths.
Working with industrial group, this composite robot can also finish automatic sorting and packing. Catbot also supports wireless control by mobile phone and voice control. Undoubtedly, it is a solution that can reduce cost and effectively pass through production and transportation links to achieve efficient, economical and flexible self-service.

Elephant Robotics has shown the world many unique robotic products and projects. The company believes that the customized product will help makers and business partners to explore and develop more possibilities in the world of robotics. Now people can visit Elephant Robotics official website and order customized services of robot products with more functions according to their needs.

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