ECOVACS ROBOTICS Unveils Eco-Robot Cleaning System

ECOVACS ROBOTICS Unveils Eco-Robot Cleaning System

Two new flagship products launched in Asia And the European Union, ECOVACS expands the category of home cleaning robots with new innovations

San Mateo, California.And the October 26 2022 /PRNewswire/ — ECOVACS, the world’s leading brand of cleaning robots, announced two new smart robot products today, expanding its offering and changing the game in the robotics industry: the GOAT G1 ​​robotic lawn mower, and the networked commercial floor cleaning robot, DEEBOT PRO. In addition to its global portfolio of robotic cleaning products, including DEEBOT robotic household floor cleaners, WINBOT window and surface cleaners, and AIRBOT air purifying robots, the additions expands the robotic cleaning category as ECOVACS continues to lead the industry.

In line with the company’s mission of “Robotics for All”, the new products were presented today at a global virtual press conference led by David Qian, CEO of ECOVACS ROBOTICS. Attendees witnessed a virtual tour around the futuristic ECOVACS Pavilion, product demonstrations at a European Garden and Suzhou Museum.


ECOVACS’ first smart robotic lawn mower, the GOAT G1 ​​features “Robotic Vision,” a new ECOVACS technology that takes away the complex border-setting efforts required by today’s solutions. The Goat G1 automatically sets the lawn and its boundaries in less than 30 minutes, providing a seamless mowing experience for customers and making their lawn care safer, easier and more efficient. The TrueMapping Multi-Fusion Localization System, a binocular vision solution unparalleled in the industry, additionally provides 360-degree panoramic and fisheye views, achieving precise positioning up to a centimeter in a garden space with blurred physical boundaries. The GOAT G1 ​​system also integrates wireless carrier broadband (UWB) communications, inertial navigation, and GPS localization for a stable and reliable connection.

The GOAT G1 ​​can mow 6,500 square feet of lawn per day to ensure fresh, neat and consistently brilliant cuts. This product is also equipped with a 3D AIVI solution consisting of a vision sensor and a ToF sensor, ensuring that the GOAT G1 ​​can identify common obstacles in the lawn to avoid injury to people, animals and property.

GOAT G1 ​​will be presented first in China And the Europe in March 2023.

Ecovacac Depot Pro

ECOVACS has taken the first step in commercial cleaning with its integrated DEEBOT PRO solution. Commercial spaces, including shopping malls, office buildings, hotels and other large places, are full of large and complex floor cleaning jobs. To meet this challenge, ECOVACS has developed HIVE (Variable Implementation of Homogeneous Intelligence), a shared intelligence, driven by high-precision lidar, across multiple robots. The map generated by each bot can be instantly synced to the HIVE system, along with location information, which will then be distributed to all collaborating bots. DEEBOT PRO includes a smaller K1 robot and a larger M1 robot to meet the floor cleaning requirements of complex commercial spaces of various sizes.

DEEBOT PRO will be available in commercial spaces in China in the first quarter of 2023 and will introduce a leasing model for greater affordability and cost savings.

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About Ecofax Robots

ECOVACS ROBOTICS, through its Robotics for All mission, is uniquely focused on making everyday life easier and more efficient with smart and connected home service robots. With a deep history of 22 years in smart home development and full ownership of R&D and manufacturing, the company leads the market with more than 1,000 patents and innovative product development in home service robots. The award winning DEEBOT floor cleaning robots are from the top 3 companies on the market in the United States. For more information, please visit the website:

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