Couple making a funny book of world cup football stickers

Couple making a funny book of world cup football stickers

An artistic couple have created a hilarious DIY soccer sticker book in time for this year’s World Cup featuring caricatures of some of the game’s most famous players.

Alex Pratchett, 39, and Sian Pratchett, 38, started drawing players for the 2014 World Cup album because they couldn’t justify the cost of filling it with official posters.

Over the years, they drew more posters to celebrate different football leagues and gained thousands of followers on social media.

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The duo has now released a book on football history where they have charted various iconic moments in football history since the World Cup kicked off in 1930.

Oxford Mail: The New Booknew book (Photo: SWNS)

The £10 book features various historical moments, such as Jeff Hurst’s hat-trick at the 1966 World Cup – the only time anyone has scored a hat-trick in the final.

Mr Pratchett described writing a book as “the greatest sense of the imposter syndrome” but said “it’s fantastic and I’m glad it’s a thing”.

He said, “Having a book is like the greatest sense of impostor syndrome you could ever imagine. My friend sent me a picture of the book on the shelf at Waterstones surrounded by other football books by real authors.

“I’m just thinking how on earth did this happen? It’s beautiful and I’m glad it’s a thing but I’m still waiting for someone to tap my shoulder and say what do you think you’re playing with?”

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Oxford Post: Alex and Sian PratchettAlex and Sian Pratchett (Photo: SWNS)

The married father of two said that although the drawings had improved over the years, it was only because they got “better pens”. But now the duo takes about 10 to 20 minutes to draw a player.

Pratchett, from Oxford University, added: “We’ve drawn 13,000-14,000 footballers among us and they may have improved slightly, but all I can say is we’ve got better pens.

“We have invested in two cute pens and two cute pencils that make a huge difference.

“I don’t think the actual base talent is any better than it was in 2014, but it does use better pens and puts in a little bit better performance.”

oxford mail:

The couple has had fans following them since they started posting sketches on social media in 2014.

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Alex also joked that he “would not recommend that anyone buy our book” but would “apologies in advance” if someone gets a copy.

He said, “I don’t recommend anyone buy our book nor do I wish someone would necessarily buy our book but if you do get a gifted copy, I apologize in advance.”

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