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Saturday 3 September 2022

Selena has a big second half to claim her first victory of the season

by Gary R. Rasberry

Photo by Jason Snyder/The Daily Standard

Selena’s player Caleb Gabes (1) intercepted a pass from Shawnee during the fourth quarter of Friday’s WBL game at Selena Stadium. The interception was followed by an endgame campaign to give the Bulldogs a 19-10 victory in their first win of the season.

Selena – Throughout the season, football coach Selena Brenen Bader said his team needed to survive in tough spots to make progress.

That paid off against Shawnee after a high shot in the first half led the Indians to a 10-7 lead at the end of the first half.

But the second half was all for Selina, with Landin Ackley and Xander Jones scoring, and the defense made some big plays to give the Bulldogs their first win of the season 19-10 at Selina Stadium in a football game in Western Buckeye on Friday night.

“Just a good team win,” Bader said. “These kids deserve to win, hopefully there will be more to come, but it starts with one win.”

Shawnee got the ball to start the game and after a good comeback from the start, he ran the ball 10 times to cover 51 yards with Chase Berry in the last seven yards to give the Indians a 7-0 lead near the halfway point. opening quarter.

Selena responded quickly. Nick Adams Braillon hit a plug for a 20-yard kick to overrun the midfield, then Jones and Ackley tackled the run, with Jones’ free break 20 yards to the end zone to tie the game with 3:48 left in the quarter.

The Bulldogs seemed to gain momentum by stopping the Indians at Selina 47 and forcing them to kick. Selena managed to hit 37, but in throwing, Selena costed 18 yards to create Shawnee in the red on 19. Selena’s defense made a stand, forcing Shawnee to settle for Tyler Kimmitt’s 33-yard field goal less than seven minutes before halftime.

Selena took advantage of the pass’s interference call to get into the midfield, but could not go further and chased her to Shawnee 20. The Indians lost the ball after a confusion at 24, but Selena was unable to capitalize, leaving the score 10-7 in the half.

The second half started slow for Selena as the suspended call canceled out a solid pass to midfield and forced a shot, but Selena’s defense began putting some pressure on Shawnee’s attack, forcing Selena to drive a kick into Shawnee 37. A 10 of Shawnee 30, seven runs later, Ackley punched him from a yard out to give Selena a 13-10 lead after a missed PAT.

Shawnee tried to answer quickly, moving the ball before standing at Bulldog 21. Kimmitt went out to attempt a field goal from 37 yards, but a poor pass forced Kimmitt to try to run the ball, then attempted a tricked pass that went straight into the hand of Caleb Gabes from Selena, who ran it to Shawnee 21 With 21 seconds left in the third.

Photo by Jason Snyder/The Daily Standard

Selena’s Xander Jones reaches the end zone on his second touchdown of the night.

Selena got an easy score at first on Shawnee’s offside, then Ackley got away with Selena in the Indians 2, as Xander Jones punched him in the second score of the night to make the score 19-10.

The Indians’ next chance to rally was halted when quarterback Dominic Lynch flopped, as Tucker Ackley got a pigskin to take Selena up at Shawnee 32. The Bulldogs couldn’t move the ball before Garrett caught Lonnie Adams to give Shawnee the ball in Selena’s 46, but after a long, incomplete pass , Lynch was picked up by Caleb Gabes again, giving Selena the ball at Selena 11 with 6:01 remaining.

Photo by Jason Snyder/The Daily Standard

Selina’s Jack Hassan (5) tries to clear a pass from Shawnee player Dominic Lynch during Friday’s WBL football game at Selina Stadium.

“We have smart players and they understand the situation,” Badr said. “They know that with six minutes left, Shawnee needs a quick score. Caleb came up and put in a great play.”

Selena moved the ball, catching first on the Adams scramble, but after stalling on the 31, the Bulldogs chased 4th and 2. Zander Jones took the penalty away to Shawnee 38, but the Indians were called in to run in the kick, a five-point penalty. Yards gave Selena her first defeat. With the Indians running out of timeouts, Selena got another one first to run out of time.

“The biggest challenge for us was to play for the full 48 minutes,” Bader said. “I was happy that in the second half we faced some adversities, but we overcame them.”

Selena (1-2, 1-1 WBL) is making her first road trip of the season next Friday with a road trip to Elida.

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