Clove water for hair: does it help hair growth?

Clove water for hair: does it help hair growth?

creators of tik tok They are endless sources of information when it comes to all things beauty and we couldn’t be more thankful. From boho braids to curly hair, there’s always a hair trend Make waves on the app. One of the latest trends that is thriving in natural hair Community is clove water rinse and sprays. People swear by it on everything from covering gray to hair grow And less shedding. So obviously we decided to investigate. Find out why using clove water for hair growth may be exactly what you need!

What is even clove water?

Clove is a spice that is undeniably beneficial to us when ingested. It contains manganese (which supports healthy collagen production), a high amount of eugenol (which stops oxidation), and is antimicrobial. The question is, do these benefits translate when applied to our hair?

Benefits of cloves for hair

According to the dozens of people who use rinsing on TikTok, there is a file ton One of the benefits of cloves for hair. But a Google search will show you that there is not a lot of scientific research on the benefits of cloves for hair care. This basically means that most of the information about its benefits is anecdotal. However, cloves are used for hair health more often Ayurvedic medicine. Compared to less fun rice water penetration, we see clove water as harmless. Smells great and you don’t need to rinse it off. We definitely think it’s worth a try (after doing a patch test, of course).

How to make clove water

The rinsing process is simple. Follow the following recipe:

  1. Take two tablespoons of cloves and mix them.
  2. Take two cups of boiling water and pour it over the cloves and let the mixture cool and change its color.
  3. Once the lye has cooled and turned brown, you can remove the cloves and transfer them to a bottle to use. The rinse can be stored in the refrigerator for up to a week.

You can apply a clove rinse to clean hair, focusing on the scalp. If you are using a file Leave-in conditionerThen apply it. Otherwise, style your hair as usual.

Best hair products with clove water

If DIY isn’t your thing but you still want to reap the benefits of cloves for your natural hair, try some of these products.

Rinse the cloves with water

$14 at

This clove water from Eden Kingdom Essential comes in a spray bottle that makes application very easy. It also contains black tea and ginger, both of which are beneficial for reducing hair loss. If the reviews are any indication, you will love this product.

(Image source:

Leave-in conditioner with cloves and rosemary

$22.95 at

This leave-in conditioner from Soyo Hair Growth & Beauty Products also comes in a spray bottle and contains clove extract as well as rosemary extract, which also stimulates hair growth.

Leave-in conditioner with cloves and rosemary |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Leaves on chamomile and cloves

$5 at

This cream from Honey’s Handmade is packed with hair-loving ingredients like avocado, honey, castor oil, biotin, and clove oil. It’s a great choice for styling twists and braids and as a sealant.

Leaves on chamomile and cloves |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Clove hair butter

$37.99 at

Peacock Organic Hair Care Hair Butter is another great option to lock in moisture for natural hair.

Clove Hair Butter |  mane addicts
(Image source:

Check out this rice water recipeAnother favorite on social media.

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