Citrus Circuits wins big in Chezy Champs Robotics competition

Citrus Circuits wins big in Chezy Champs Robotics competition

Davis’ first robotics team, Citrus Circles is undefeated at the Chezy Champs 2022 robotics competition last September in San Jose. This makes a peacock-sized feather in the team’s hat as they have triumphed over 40 other teams from Mexico, Israel and across the United States.

1678 Citrus Circuits was founded in 2004 by Da Vinci Charter Academy math teacher Steve Harvey (not a comedian). At present, it has more than 100 students from Davis Senior High School and Da Vinci Charter Academy, as well as Holmes, Harper, and Emerson High Schools.

Besides competitions, Citrus Circuits immerses members in comprehensive education in the fields of engineering and robotics. That’s why with so many members, they are divided into three hardware teams, two software teams plus one business and media team.

“Our motto is ‘Educate, Empower, and Excellence.’ We educate our members through hands-on peer-to-peer training. Therefore, seasoned members of our team train new members in industry standards, machines and how to program,” said Melody Hu, Head of Business and Media at Citrus Circuit. . “From my business and media point of view, we teach them how to do sponsor outreach, grant writing and things like that. There is a lot of mentor guidance, of course, and we also have a lot of outreach. We have one called Davis Youth Robotics which is a way to introduce robotics to kids in Davis community. We even have a booth at the Davis Farmer Market.”

However, the Chezy Champs competition was a way for Citrus Circuits members to prove their strength while their robots prove their metal. And from September 23-25, they did just that in the FIRST off-season competition (for inspiration and recognition of science and technology).

“Usually there are qualifying matches that last for a day and a half and these matches determine the order of our place in the competition. There is a lot of strategy and planning involved. We have match strategists, and we have meetings with other teams on how best to approach the match,” Hu said. Also people collect data about other bots in competition and we create a checklist. After qualification matches, we use this data for alliance selections. The top eight teams in the competition create alliances with other teams to compete with to win the competition. The final rounds then continue into the evening until the winner is determined.”

The competition itself was called “quick reaction” with parts of it including robots being run strictly by code and then by the operator. In the finals, Citrus Circuits teamed up with 4,414 HighTide of Ventura, 498 Cobra Commanders of Glendale, and 2,813 Gearheads of Saratoga. Defeat simply didn’t count with this Davis team, and they went on to win the gold medal in five straight games. The winning robot, Margie, was named in honor of the late Citrus Circuits store dog.

“It was really a pleasure to be at Chezy Champs and to win it,” said the enthusiast. “This year, not to brag, but based on the data, our robot was technically one of the best robots in the entire competition. It was named after our shop dog who passed away.”

In October, Citrus Circuits continued their path to victory by taking classic capital Off-season championship at Pleasant Grove High School in Elk Grove.

A total of 35 teams competed in the Capital City Classic in the first game of the 2022 Rapid React presented by Boeing.

With this latest show of Citrus Circuits championship caliber, the team – and Margie – are looking forward to the regular season of competition in January 2023.

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