Celebrate Art Month with some of our favorite free-form circles

Celebrate Art Month with some of our favorite free-form circles

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Art isn’t just about paintings and sculptures, and circles are no exception. Unlike typical projects that usually use a breadboard or PCB to connect signals between components, free circuits consist of parts arranged in 3D space with solid wires running between them, creating a kind of functional sculpture. So in honor of Art Month here on Hackster, we’ve put together a list of amazing free circuits.

Mechanical lavender blooms

Jerry Prause cheerful mechanical tulip It reacts even to gentle touches thanks to the built-in TTP223 capacitive touch sensor. The entire assembly is formed by welding 2 mm copper tubes into a set of six individual petals with a central stem. Each petal contains five white SMD LEDs, electrically connected through an external ground conductor and an internal PWM wire. Seven additional LEDs in the center can light up in a variety of colors, with everything connected to a single Arduino Nano hidden in the base. One of the most enjoyable aspects of lavender is that it can retract or raise its petals using a concealed thrust and servo motor.

LED Tower Art

Along the same lines with the previous project, This LED tower It can produce impressive light shows with its array of 288 RGB LEDs, which are arranged in a long cylinder. All APA106 LEDs are placed on an assembly of 12 8-inch rings each containing 24 LEDs. And while the tower can easily draw 17 amps at full brightness, Doug Domck, the creator of the project, took special care to ensure that it did not exceed 2a. The code running on the Arduino Uno does everything from producing spinning spirals and lighting columns of LEDs of different colors to simulating an oscillating loop inside.

Mayak by::vtol::

Inline with :: vtol ::previous job , Mayak It is a very abstract piece that uses Wi-Fi signals to generate patterns of light and sound. At the top are four Wi-Fi access points, each offering a network that people can connect to. From here, the Arduino Uno reads the resulting activity lights and interprets the blinking LEDs as different gadgets. After sending them to four other green LEDs and their accompanying Axoloti Core composite board, rapid bursts of sound came out of the speakers.

free throat

very hacker Alex Glo He’s been playing around with free-form circuits for a while, and These earrings Classic Art Deco style is an elegant way to showcase that experience. Each one was formed by taking two metal cell CR2032 battery holders and soldering them together in order to double the current. Next, a pair of resistors were attached to each side and angled upwards to form a point at the top as well as to create a current limit. Finally, a central 10mm LED is attached to the base so that it can swing freely.

LED Chaser

Unlike other LED sculptures which are in fixed and unchanging shape, This circle is really freeform It can move in almost any direction. Made by DevanagarajThis project is based on a central Arduino Nano surrounded by a hexagonal copper rod. A total of 18 LEDs were then soldered to a thin copper wire along with the series current limiting resistor and connected to the hex and the Arduino Nano. The infrared receiver finally picks up the incoming commands and can trigger different effects accordingly.

ATtiny85 Portable Snake Game

Tired of seeing every pocket sized arcade game covered in a layer of opaque plastic, wiresauce user haster decided to implement Snake game on ATtiny85 While at the same time showing exactly how they were put together. First took two pieces of plywood and hand-drilled holes to route the copper wires between the components. After putting it outside and doing some soldering, he uploaded the firmware showing the game on a central I2C OLED display.

calculator and clock

It comes as one of the most complex and complex circuits on this list, Dennis Inspired by Mohit Bhoite’s projects for Create one of his own In the form of a combination of a calculator and a clock. Instead of the traditional LCD screen at the top, it instead uses two rows of eight LEDs to display 8-bit numbers with the help of a 16-channel multiplexer. The time is kept by a real-time clock module, which in turn is read and interpreted by the ATmega328P MCU.

Illuminating the heart

this is Wearable LED badge It does more than just light up – it simulates a heartbeat while also being in the shape of a heart. To accomplish this difficult feat, Jerry PrausePrint a custom 3D jig that holds each of the 46 WS2812B LEDs in place so they can be soldered together. Once complete, the core was connected to an external ATtiny85 chip and fitted with a 1000 mAh battery cell.

COVID virus is flashing

As with many other viruses, SARS-CoV-2 (which causes COVID-19) contains its genetic instructions in a long RNA sequence. Paul Klinger He was able to take the sequenced genetic coding and create a very interesting circuit of data. for him virus flash free It features an ATtiny1614 microcontroller in its center with groups of red, green, blue and yellow LEDs to indicate the nucleotides. After turning it on, it goes through each one and “reads” the sequence again.

Atari Bank Console

Based on the ubiquitous 555 timer, the Atari Punk Console is one of the simplest sound generation circuits out there. but when Emily Velasco Facing it, I managed to take this concept several steps with it LED rate carving. Two potentiometers adjust the square wave frequency and magnitude, although Velasco also included an RGB LED at the top that rotates through different colors to cause changes in the photocell’s output voltage, thus, modulating the sound further.

smart watch

The skeleton clock by Mile He takes the concept of an elegant and first in the fashion world and turns it on its head by proudly displaying its internal components. It works using an ATmega328P microcontroller connected to a 128 x 64 OLED display that displays the time, date, and even a stopwatch with millisecond accuracy. The exposed USB port on the side is used to load new programs and set the time, while the battery can keep the watch running for about a month of moderate use.

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