Lego bricks are connected on a tabletop surface.

Build this DIY Lego table with a few Amazon items

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Bulky Lego sets are great but are almost certainly a headache to organize, store and keep off the floor. So making a DIY Lego table that requires no carpentry or construction skills sounds like a great idea for any family who loves this special game.

Blogger Amanda Peterson, of the Wei Family, Share an idea for a DIY Lego table consisting of storage carts covered in a tall Lego board in 2012. Although it’s been a decade since this post, great ideas never run out and Peterson’s idea recently resurfaced via Viral post on Facebook From blogger Jill, from Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons.

Honestly, we love this project.

In the original post, Peterson wrote that she saw the DIY Lego table idea in the now-defunct Disney Family Fun magazine. webpage. Three plastic storage towers are used to hold the bricks and also serve as the base for a large board covered in Lego baseboards. The middle storage tower can fold back when you’re ready to sit at the table and the low stools form the seating.

Peterson also printed and pasted pictures of the different Lego blocks that belong in each storage drawer so her kids would have an easy guide for putting the pieces away and keeping them organized. She said the table top can be flipped onto its non-Lego side to use as a flat desk. Four years after she first posted About the Table, Peterson mentioned in the comments section that her device is still in regular use at home.

“Surprisingly, a table made of plastic drawers and a shelf holds up very well,” she says. I wrote. “My kids play with it every day and we move it around the house—upstairs, downstairs, bedrooms, etc. They still flip the top over to use it as a desk.”

If you’re looking to recreate a seemingly simple DIY Lego table, here’s how to find the components on Amazon.

Storage drawers


You can get a file 2-pack of 3-Drawer Sterilite Storage Towers, like the one shown in the original design, for $78 on Amazon now. Having storage carts on wheels makes this project easy to move around when you need to sweep under it or find a minifigure to slide inevitably under. Amazon reviewers have noted how durable and portable these storage carts are, giving them an aggregate score of 4.5 stars out of 5.

If you don’t like this idea, another option for your DIY Lego table base would use two of these Aseptic Spacious Storage Towers ($62.99 each), so that the drawers open sideways. This will create a larger width to hold a larger building surface such as a table top.

If you don’t want see-through drawers, you can also use a wooden chest of drawers like this one listed on Amazon from Winsome Halifax, which retails for $77 As of this writing. It has over 14,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating. It also comes with the Amazon’s Choice seal.



You’ll want to choose the size of your countertop based on the width of the storage towers you’re getting. Peterson writes that she found the wood top of her table at Menard’s where it had been sold as a white laminated shelf.

On Amazon, you can Find something similar from Kaboon. The brand has multiple sizes of laminated plywood in five different colors that you can use for your table top. The Sea Salt in Gray, 24″ x 64″ version It costs $130 now, before the coupon is applied. Your local hardware store will be able to custom cut plywood and other woods to your specifications as well.

Some commenters on the original Our Wee Family blog post and reshare Kitchen Fun with My Three Sons asked how you keep your countertop from moving around on the towers while using it. One solution offered was to use a slip-resistant shelf liner to prevent wobble.


a White Gorilla Grip drawer and shelf liner It costs $15.99 for a 10-foot roll. There are many fans of this product on Amazon. This particular one has over 25,000 reviews and a score of 4.6 stars. Just measure and cut it to the size of your table top.

Lego-connector surface

In order to make this surface practical for Lego building, you’ll need to add Lego baseboards (or maybe a copy).

48″ x 48″ Lego Original Gray Baseplate Lists for $15 on Amazon. Reviewers loved the large size of these baseboards so they can cover more space with fewer panels. The original post reported using Glue Dots adhesives to attach baseboards to a wood table top. Value pack of 600 glue points About $12 on Amazon and can be used for many other projects around your home.

You can also find tagless baseboards with an adhesive backing that are compatible with Lego pieces. for example, MakerBase Peel and Stick Building Block Baseplates 10 x 10 inches each. The four-pack costs $30, and the brand gets 4.7 stars out of 5 from thousands of Amazon reviewers.



On Our Wee Family, Peterson writes that she used Ikea stools with her DIY Lego table.

If you’d like to do the same, you can find the Marios chair online at IKEA For $9 each, but you’ll also find them on Amazon. On the last site, a Single white stool lists for $19.50. Peterson said her Ikea Marius stool lasted about 3 1/2 years, with constant use from her kids, before breaking.

You can find similar Bearington Plastic Stool, pictured below, is sold on Amazon, where a set of five rainbow-colored stools costs $100, or $20 each. Norwood commercial furniture has a more heavy duty Set of five stools in black At about $25 each.


If you love the idea of ​​assembling your own DIY Lego table, grab your Amazon cart and start building!

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