Best AI Picture Sharpening in 2022 - Comparison

Best AI Picture Sharpening in 2022 – Comparison

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are all around us. I strongly believe in a future Photography My Account, and we currently have a whole group of companies striving to make the best progress in the field of artificial intelligence. Here at DIYPhotography, we put different elements of artificial intelligence head to head to determine the best software on the market. We recently covered AI noise reductionAnd today we turn to sharpening.

The contenders for today’s battle are Adobe PhotoshopAnd the Topaz AI PicturesAnd the ON1 Photo Raw 2023And the Skylum Luminar Neo. I have the perfect test image that we will use for each test. there he is:

I took this shot last winter in arctic Norway, and accidentally knocked over the focus ring, resulting in a really soft image. It was a huge mistake at the time, but now it’s perfect! Let’s go.

Adobe Photoshop (skip…)

I’m going to skip this one, to be honest. The neural filters provided are great, and the power offered by Adobe Sensei is great. For now, though, there is no AI sharpening tool available. I look forward to Adobe sorting out their neural filters and giving us simple options as well as fixes for specific problems. For example, the Photo Restoration Neural Filter also has a slider to remove noise, but this is not obvious. Users won’t necessarily find it unless they already know it’s there. Come on, Adobe! We want to see what you really have!

Sharpen the image with Luminar Neo

Skylum’s Luminar New It is a program full of artificial intelligence. It is available to users in parts called extensions. The subscription package includes all extensions as they become available. The extension tool I used here is Super Sharp AI Which gave me three options – Motion Blur Low, Middle, or High.


The process is easy. It’s an all-in-one solution, it’s excellent, and the interface is easy to use. In terms of results, the Luminar Neo seems to have softened the bulk of the image while sharpening the edges (sometimes a lot), and also lost a lot of stars from the sky.

Sharpen the image using ON1 Photo Raw 2023

On ON1, I used a tool called TackSharp AI, which seemed to do a great job within the program, albeit a function that made a lot of noise. When exporting a jpg, the sharpness was not as high, although it was still very good. The sharpness seems to have been applied differently across the scene, which is exactly what we should expect from AI sharpening, but the bright lights of the city don’t appear as sharp as with Luminar Neo.

ON1 Photo Effects 2023 It is a great program for applying finishing touches to edits, and Raw photos 2023 Great place to start. The entire system is an alternative to Adobe, and it does a great job at most tasks.

Image sharpening using Topaz Photo AI

Topaz AI Pictures Takes all topaz tools, incl AI sharpeningand puts them all in one package. The aurora borealis are crisp, the stars are still in the sky and have once again been transformed into anchor points, and the mountains are much better looking than before. The city lights still look blurry, as they do in every photo, but they’re also overexposed (my bad!)

Those of us who are used to the individual tools from Topaz Labs will be pleased to see all the tools together in one place. The user interface of Photo AI is clean and simple, and it simplifies our process.


I award the first place in this test to Topaz AI Pictures. AI sharpening seems to be the best. It all comes down to personal taste and the actual starting picture. But in this test, topaz is the winner. Topaz AI Pictures And the Sharpening artificial intelligence Use the same system. It is packaged differently.

The sharpening algorithms for each of these pieces of software work differently, and with all the machine learning, they can be applied differently. Topaz is currently the best, but that may change as each algorithm is trained and with the image we need to refine. I’m excited to see where AI will take us as photographers.

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