Benefits of programming and robotics in Zebra

Benefits of programming and robotics in Zebra

In robotics courses, students design and program robotic models.

Students can learn popular programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Python, and Unity

Students can learn popular programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Python, and Unity

Participation in competitions helps promote teamwork, responsibility and professionalism.

Participation in competitions helps promote teamwork, responsibility and professionalism.

Parents are looking for STEM education opportunities for their children. There are 11 million jobs that will require STEM skills in the next five years.

Curry, North Carolina, United States, November 3, 2022 / – The future of the technology industry is no secret to anyone, and the scale of its growth can be felt all over the world. Programming and robotics have become essential skills in a myriad of fields as all industries shift towards more technologically accelerated workflows, processes, and systems. It is important to evolve with the rapidly changing requirements of the industry. Many schools and programs have already adopted coding and robotics in their curricula to prepare future generations for an increasingly technology-dominated future. This changing future presents an opportunity for children to learn robotics, coding, and areas of technology from an early age.

in zebra robotsFirst graders learn the basics of programming in fun and creative programs like Scratch. Many students continue to grow in Zebra from first grade through high school graduation. Students start with basic block-based coding and work their way up to programming courses such as web development (HTML and JavaScript), game development with Unity, Python, and Java, to name a few. However, some students prefer a more hands-on approach with mechanical elements and design. For these students, robotics might be their preferred course. Starting at the elementary age, kids can learn the basics of simple and robotic machine with this introductory Zebra Machines and Machines course. Zebra offers free trial lessons so students can find what interests them and follow the path that best suits their passion.

The cool part about robotics and programming is that in the end, the two fields make a perfect marriage. Many students who apply to Zebra courses end up integrating robotics and programming together. An example of this case is participation in robotic competition teams, which require knowledge of both robotics and coding. Zebra found the competitions to be a great inspiration for students. Once students complete the required courses, they can raise their skills further and represent Zebra on robotic competition teams. Over the past eight years, Zebra has trained students to the level needed to compete around the world, capturing over 75 top-level STEM competition winning teams and representing Canada in World Robot Olympiad An international competition in 2016, 2018, and 2022. The competitions are not limited to robotics. Recently, Zebra students from advanced Python, C or Java courses participated in the 2021 Canadian Computing Challenge, a prestigious competition hosted by the University of Waterloo

Today, school programs provide the foundation for what is necessary to thrive in today’s best industries. With the constant changes in technology and all the information needed for students to move forward in this space effectively, it is important to be immersed in the technological space to gain a deeper understanding of the content. Institutions like Zebra Robotics allow students to take their technology interests and abilities to the next level. All Zebra curricula are prepared in-house by experienced and motivated employees. For many people, their first programming experience was in high school or at university. Now our primary school children have a unique opportunity to start learning and using these skills in a fun and encouraging environment without the stress of exams or industry standards that many adults have. Zebra instructors provide individual attention to each student and emphasize a positive learning environment. Zebra’s learning management system allows students to learn at their own pace. Zebra instructors come from diverse backgrounds such as aerospace, computer science, robotics engineering, machine learning, and more. Their instructors are trained to help students learn the curriculum and adapt to the students’ unique learning styles.

Zebra Robotics sets technology industry trends to provide its students with the tools they need to grow and succeed in their future endeavors. The reality of our technology-dominated world is calling for parents, guardians, and educators to focus on what they currently offer young children and to integrate more essential STEM skills. With school programs that equip students with the institution, and institutions like Zebra Robotics enhancing their expertise, students can prepare for success. Zebra’s vision is to inspire the next generation of students to be confident, respectful, and knowledgeable team players who will strive to solve many of the world’s challenges using technology and STEM concepts.

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