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Austin-based robotics company Apptronik is ready to grow after signing a NASA deal

Apptronik, a robotics company that aims to create a new generation of robots, has been given a boost in its quest, thanks to a new partnership with NASA.

Founded in 2016, Apptronik was affiliated with the Human Centered Robotics Laboratory at the University of Texas. The company says it wants to produce robots capable of changing the way we work and live.

Apptronik has built a number of robotics products over the years, from exoskeletons to humanoid robots, and the technology is used by customers including many Fortune 500 companies.

Now, the company is working to commercialize its first general-purpose robot, called Apollo, which it says is able to adapt to a range of environments.

Apptronik said the Apollo robot will be among the first mass-produced humanoid robots in the industry and will be part of a larger platform that will expand to create a variety of robots. The company plans to launch Apollo in the South by Southwest in March 2023.

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