Aerotek experts present recruitment strategies for robotics and automation in their latest 'Workforce 2030' report

Aerotek experts present recruitment strategies for robotics and automation in their latest ‘Workforce 2030’ report

A new white paper explores the strategies employers can use to their advantage as new technologies impact the future of manufacturing

Hanover, Maryland.And the November 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/- eroticthe leading provider of talent solutions dedicated to placing light industrial talent and skilled skills in the fields of manufacturing, logistics, construction, aviation and facilities management, has released a new white paper in its three-part Workforce 2030 series, Recruitment for robotics and automation skills Focus on building a workforce that will stand the test of time.

The second white paper explores how the rise of robotics and automation in manufacturing is changing the skills these companies will need for employees. The report provides unique insights from Aerotek experts on what companies can do to adapt to advances in robotics and devise new strategies for retention.

“Manufacturing is an overlooked career path that can be very rewarding. Robotics and automation bring a high level of technology and sophistication to the industry. While this can be a challenge for employers who are already struggling to find, attract and retain talent, it also provides an opportunity to offer growth opportunities. career and employee satisfaction Stanley JohnsonAerotek Director of Strategic Sales.

With an increase in the number of jobs and a decrease in labor force participation, the labor shortage currently affecting employers in all industries is expected to continue beyond 2030.

To complicate matters, the expected Robotic Process Automation Market It is expected to grow from $4.41 billion in 2023 to $13.39 billion in 2030 As manufacturing and distribution processes become increasingly digital and companies rely more on robots to perform basic functions.

The rise of robotics and automation has created a need for workers with new skills, and a different approach from employers looking to succeed in the long term.

Part one of the three-part Aerotek series, “Develop your workforce with transferable skills,” It predicted the transferable skills companies would need for employees to remain competitive. In the third and final white paper, Aerotek experts will take a look at how shifting worker motivations and persistent labor shortages may force companies to develop retention strategies.

Download a free copy of the second white paper in the “Workforce 2030: The Skills Companies To Succeed” series, “Staffing for Robotics & Automation Skills” click here. To learn more about Aerotek, take our site Evaluate workforce solutions or visit


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