ADABOX 2023 is back!  We are back!  « Adafruit Industries - Makers, Hackers, Artists, Designers, Engineers!

ADABOX 2023 is back! We are back! « Adafruit Industries – Makers, Hackers, Artists, Designers, Engineers!

back adabox 2023! We are back! The good news guys, the parts shortage and supply chain issues have started to ease over the past couple of years, and we are able to restart ADABOX in a few months again! WE DO NOT CHARGE ADABOX UNTIL SHIPPED, AND WE WILL OFFER EXACT DATES AS WE BECOME 2023! Expect ADABOX 21 to resume around March 2023!

Thank you so much for your patience, support, and kind words as we made it through the dry parts together!

We send emails to all ADABOX subscribers and refer to this post as video.

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Video text:
“Okay. Very cool news. ADABOX is back in 2023. We finally have enough parts to do, and the four ADABOXes we want to do all this year, not possible. The chips we need. Sensors, modules, components, level converters, diodes. We can have tens of things. We can have hundreds of things. We can have thousands of things. It was hard to get tens of thousands of things. And ADABOX subscribers can reach thousands. We also had to not allow new subscriptions. So ADABOX was in a state Slack all year. And thank you everyone for your patience. We’ve been doing updates. This video is that when we update the website, we publish the blog, and then we send an email, people can see that it’s not like a phishing scam or something else. No There’s absolutely nothing you need to do. You can always cancel your subscription if you want to. Just keep in mind. We don’t charge until shipped. Yes, we don’t charge until shipped. But keep in mind, there are a lot of PEOPLE WHO SIGNED UP WHEN SOMEONE LEAVES ADABOX THAT IF THEY NEED Rotate, you may not be able to go back. So this is good news. We are finally able to predict what will happen. We will be shipping the first of March of 2023, if not sooner. And the parts are here. Thanks to all our partners like Digi-Key. It was just hard to plan something that had tens of thousands of customers and we never knew we were going to. And we do a good job and make sure we get it. And don’t know we’re going to get it. yes. As if we’re just starting to see some of the parts we needed available for something as big as EtaBox. So we didn’t just want to do ADABOX once last year. In fact, there was nothing we could do, just one EtaBox. We were close. And there are some things that we had to migrate away from. So we had one ADABOX based on a microchip chip. Microchip Company. And they keep saying an end like 2023 until we get those chips. So we had to redesign the board. Now you will be using RP2040 or ESPESSIF, ESP32S2. so hooray. he is here. We will publish the news. thank you all. And this is the video that goes along with all the information we’ll be passing on over the next week or so to everyone. But go ahead if you want ADABOX. But if you want to leave and come back, that’s okay too. Just remember, if you have an EtaBox, you won’t be charged until we ship. So you’ll probably see that at the beginning of March.”

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