7 DIY Broadway Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

7 DIY Broadway Halloween Costume Ideas for 2022

All Hallows Eve at our doors! To celebrate, Theaterly created some easy Broadway costume ideas. These DIY fashion ideas can be found by going out on a shopping trip to affordable fashion outlets (H&M, GAP, etc.), vintage stores, and even a candy store.

Be sure to send us your photos from Halloween night! We will highlight some of the best costumes.

Kimberly Akimbo (Kimberly Akimbo)
Is there anything holding candy and some double flannel can’t fix? Maybe it’s a fantasy aging, but other than that, it’s an easy costume idea and perfect for Broadway fans looking to pull something together at the last minute. Don’t forget your clipboard and pencil!

Photo: Ahron R. Foster

Little Red (Into the forest)
Hopping into Times Square dressed as blood red with a basket full of pastries might raise some eyebrows, but isn’t that what Halloween is all about? This costume is simple and easy to customize (*cough* fur collar*cough*) to make it totally your own. Julia Lister Katie Geraghty played this role.

Photos: Matthew Murphy and Evan Zimmerman for Murphy Mead

baseball player (get me out)
pencil case this year. With those damn Yankees (sorry!) outside of the playoffs, you can dress like a fictional member of the Empire baseball team while keeping the hopes of an MLB logo in 2023. Keep your playing belt hidden until you reach the Eagle.

Photo: Joan Marcos

US delegate1776)
The perfect outfit for any history nerd, all you need is a colorful trench coat, white oxford shirt, leather pants, plus belt buckle shoes for a good fit. It can be difficult to match Emilio Sosa’s glamorous designs On Broadway, but the effort is what counts!

Photo: Joan Marcos

Guide (strange episode)
There are plenty of different options from this Tony Award-winning musical (Whitney, anyone?), but the traditional bell look from the opening number is a classic. If a vintage store or hotel supply store doesn’t have what you need, head over to your local Halloween Spirit. Musical Playwright Existential Crisis Not Included.

Photo: Mark J. Franklin

Peache (not no mo)
Want to be at the forefront? Tease the rest of the 2022-2023 season by dressing up as a flight attendant from not no mo. The colorful African American Airlines outfit is so chic, it’s not yet available in stores, so you’ll need to do some costume styling at home to get the look right.

Photo: DJ Corey Photography

“I’m not your Cinderella…” (Bad Cinderella)
Another chance to be trendy is this final touch on a classic fantasy character, immortalized In the words of Lindy Genao. All you really need is a can of spray paint to go with any pink and black ensemble you decide to wear on October 31st. Just don’t write on the walls of the theatre.

Photo: Emilio Madrid

Tired of all the attention he gets on Broadway? Here are some Off-Broadway bonus ideas:

Literally any character from stranger sings! Musical parodies
The ’80s are back, baby! All you need is a pair of high-waisted jeans, a perm, and a packet of Eggo waffles.

iceberg of Titanic
There are many ways to interpret this outfit: a blue-silver-tip wig, a giant white hat, whatever you really want. Go ahead, become the chaos agent you’ve always wanted to be!

Sea-DRAGon from Once upon a time in Korean time
If you are lucky enough to see Daniel K. IsaacIt’s incredible work a few months ago, you know exactly who I’m referring to. Don’t forget the bubble gun!

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