6 DIY tips for taking care of your mental health

6 DIY tips for taking care of your mental health

International Men’s Day is celebrated on the nineteenth of November every year. In fact, a week in November is designated as ‘Men’s Health Week’ in order to raise awareness about men’s health and wellness and motivate them to become emotionally and physically fit members of society.

The stigma surrounding men’s vulnerability continues to prevent them from expressing their feelings and seeking help with mental health difficulties. Men’s attitudes toward mental health disorders are linked to a variety of factors and have been ingrained in their subconscious minds for centuries.

The belief that emotional vulnerability erodes masculinity is firmly rooted in our psyche. Perhaps this is why males find it difficult to open up about their mental health issues.

But this is more than just another harmful feature of sex that we have accepted. It has a negative effect on a man’s mental health. Passing on the wrong lessons is painful for them and hard to let go of their learning as adults. The old line of “men don’t cry” isn’t true. They do. They do not express it publicly or even talk about it out of fear of being labeled as a weak male.

Men struggle with this throughout adolescence and, as adults, become clueless about managing their emotional battles.

“The path to mental well-being begins with identifying and recognizing one’s true self, i.e. ‘you’, and choosing a path of health that is unique and adapted to body type and personality. Personalization based on name and date of birth is an effective method of personalization,” stated Siddharth S Kumar, Astrological Numerologist And the founder of Nomovani.

In general, making someone feel understood and welcomed is the first step toward making them mentally well. In work environments, appropriate efforts must be taken by management to ensure that every employee is free to discuss their mental health without fear of bias. He added that being able to read silences is the most important thing here.

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Is men’s mental health really a problem?

According to a retrospective study with nearly 3,000 men who arrived in Nomrovani over the past few years, 86% of them had suffered from one or the other mental health issue at least once in life. Of those, 3/4 of them have never shared this with anyone.

The study further revealed that the main reason for not speaking up about mental health issues is social stigma and fear of judgment by peers. When talking about the underlying causes behind these mental health issues, people have cited reasons such as relationship issues (at work and at home), financial issues, and peer pressure from social media.

The current situation, especially post-pandemic, has reinforced this to an alarming level, turning it into a ticking time bomb that requires immediate attention and intervention from every member of society.

6 DIY tips to take care of your mental health:

“The path to mental well-being begins with discovering and accepting who you really are and choosing a well-being path tailored to your body type and unique personality. Personalization with a person’s name and date of birth is a useful technique that has shown tremendous results in our experience at NumroVani,” stated Sidhharrth S Kumaar.

The founder of NumroVani suggested 6 DIY tips for mental wellness:

Self awareness and journalism

The beginning of the solution begins with self-awareness and acceptance of the thing that must be overcome.

The most important component of the mental well-being journey is being self-aware, and journaling is a very useful tool for achieving this and achieving clarity and purpose in life.

Use your personal talents

Being active in social interactions on a regular basis is one of the best overall strategies for dealing with signs of stress and anxiety. Covid-19 has kept people separated. This was the main cause of many of the mental health problems that were prevalent at the time.

You feel a sense of belonging when you are part of a close-knit community. When you are under stress, it is excellent for clearing your thoughts. Meeting and connecting with new people not only keeps you in touch with your friends and family, it also sharpens your mind and increases your confidence.

Use music therapy designed to rejuvenate you

Music therapy has been shown to enhance the physical, cognitive, emotional, and sensory skills of students, working adults, and parents. The best results can be obtained when music therapy is tailored to the needs of the individual based on name and date of birth.

Each person benefits differently from binaural beats, different frequencies, and affirmations. You can control your stress with it, and it also makes a wonderful calming ritual.

Recharge yourself with a proper and regular break

Regular downtime at work reduces the risk of mental exhaustion and provides wonderful, instant relief from stressful situations. If possible, adjust the Pomodoro method to your schedule.

When a situation becomes too much for you to handle, you can get yourself out of it by taking a coffee break, taking a nature walk, practicing deep breathing, or using the bathroom.

Make sure you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night if you want to reap the long-term benefits of stress management in a demanding profession. Your body may refresh and adapt to changing conditions by getting some sleep.

Master a hobby

Cultivating hobbies and spending mindful time with them can be a great self-help tool on your mental well-being journey. Determine your area of ​​interest and passion to learn about your hobby and spend time developing it. For example, simple photography can be used with care, and can help the well-being journey.

Seek expert help

Asking for expert help is not a sign of weakness but rather a sign of strength. Everyone in life needs outside support at one point or another to win certain things. Whenever you feel like it, proactively seek expert help.

way forward

It’s never too late to start. On this International Men’s Day, promise yourself to “Express Unapologetically” and adopt a wellness path tailored to your body and psychological profile.

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