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5 DIY Tricks to Upgrade Your Home for Under $100 | Architectural Digest

Doesn’t have to mean transforming your home call contractors Or spend a fortune on a Renault for a month. Nor does it have to be as simple as relying on seasonal décor items and Hang framed pictures. Instead, it should be about finding the right DIY hacks that make a big impact and rejuvenate the look of your home’s furniture and walls.

With summer in full swing, you might be looking for some quick ideas to outfit your home guest. ad stop by Living with Kelly and Ryan To share our favorite unexpected hacks to upgrade your entire home for under $100 – from Peel and stick Tiles to simple hardware swaps that are worth a statement. Check out five easy DIY hacks to upgrade your home.

peel and stick floor tiles

Need an inexpensive repair to old, outdated floors? Try peel and stick floor tiles to dress up any room in style. This vinyl tile, just an inch thick, comes with a pre-applied adhesive that coats any surface—from linoleum kitchen floors to dull ceramic bathroom tiles—and will cost you under $50. Peel-and-Stick floor tile options range from solid colors For more luxury and texture printed marble tiles Which costs a fraction of real ceramic floors. Arrange the tiles in an alternating checkerboard design to capture the timeless raised pattern.

Removable backsplash

A backsplash is the backdrop for your entire kitchen—but adding or replacing tiles can be time-consuming, messy, and costly. Insert the removable backsplash and stick. With an abundance of colors and patterns to browse from like green subway tiles or bold Spanish inspired patternsAnyone can find the perfect design. The best part? It is as easy to remove as it is to apply. Meaning: It is the perfect solution for the rental or landlord as you can save it for your most affordable ceramic tile backsplash.

DIY friendly devices

Say goodbye to the basic build-grade fixtures and uninspiring appliances that often come with flat furniture. our philosophy? Anything that can be installed can easily be disassembled and replaced. be creative with Raised handle options. Or, if you’re feeling self-savvy, try one of these quick projects to create your own handles, pulls, and knobs:

Skin Tightening

Although a leather dresser handle set It will do the trick just fine, skin tightening is quick and easy to make. All you need is a short strip of leather (about 5 inches), a hammer or drill, and nails or screws in the color that best complements your piece. Either twist the leather with one knob or tighten and secure with a screw on each side.

rope handles

Add a nautical touch with textured rope handles. Thread the rope through pre-drilled holes (or drill yourself), and tie a knot on the inside of the cabinet to secure it. attempt colorful rope Or wrap rope around the metal hardware to give the piece more visual interest.

pipe handles

Take a walk on the industrial side with pipe handlesMade from items available at any hardware store. All you need is two end caps, a tube that fits the length of your piece, and matching brackets. Next, ride on cabinets or drawers.

Statement switch boards

Between paint colors, finishes, moldings, or even wallpaper, there is a lot to consider when it comes to walls. But one thing that is often overlooked is the switchboard. All you need to make a statement are a few DIY-friendly upgrades.

make metal switch panels

Give your walls a personal touch with brushed gold switch plates. For a vintage look, try Old World bronze age Or look for antique copper dishes at thrift stores. Instead, match the switchboard with the metals in your room, such as a nickel lamp base. In the question, cover your existing plastic switchboard metallic spray paint.

Be bold with lions

Create a stunning contrast with the bright white walls black switch panels. A less obvious option than white, this is a simple way to accent your walls while maintaining the classic color palette.

wrap with wallpaper

state Wall paper Scraps to good use by covering your switch panels with the same eye-catching pattern. Simply remove your plate, wrap it in wallpaper and use a precision knife to cut along the holes. Lift and add a thin layer of glue to keep the wallpaper in place. Reinstall the switchboard on the wall. whimsical contact paper It can do the trick as well.

Look for new lighting upgrades

When it comes to setting the ambiance of a room, lighting is everything. They can instantly make any space feel updated, warm, and personal. This does not mean that you should replace all the light bulbs in your room.

Start with the lights. Replace any bulbs that don’t really help your lights shine. Choose incandescent lamps To create a warm and inviting glow. If you want to make the room bright, consider the energy-saving option: halogen bulbs.

For a true makeover, update existing bulbs by re-imagining the lamp shade. You can also use paints or dyes to update existing lampshades that could use some decoration. Discover different shapes and textures. Built-in statement lights are trending in 2022 and can instantly transport your room into the modern age.

mushroom lamps

For a polished look with a bit of added quirkiness, mushroom lamps Check every box. Gorgeous domes provide a great amount of controlled light which is perfect for a reading nook or bedside table. Some are portable, so you can bring them to your outdoor living room.

ceramic lamp base

For a simple way to complement a neutral color palette, a ceramic lamp base These art vases mimics are a popular choice if you’re looking to add texture.

The fringes of the seventies

The era of flower power is back! fringe lamp shades. Wearing a standing lamp with a margin makes it more complex and architectural than kitsch.

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